the artist’s way assignment – an introduction

the artist's way assignment

the artist’s way assignment

ready to re-imagine creativity? the red light has turned green, the door has opened.
this week, adventureclubinteractive is signing a contract based on The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.
every day – three morning pages. every week – one artist date.
fancy to follow along?

week one- adopting the pivotal tools

the morning pages

-no wrong way to do them

-overcoming perfectionism and self-censorship

-teaches you that your mood doesn’t matter

-they are non-negotiable – never skip or skimp

-put anything on three pages every day

-send and notify the world of dreams, dissatisfactions, hopes

the artist date

-scheduled time you uphold and defend against other plans or distractions

-inner artist is pampered, nurtured and listened to

-teaches you that details matter – pay attention, experience, observe

-to occur weekly – go somewhere, do something different

-keep it between you and your artists; no tagalongs

-receive and notice the world through insight, inspiration and spontaneity


eight ideas

Sand-made merman

when you have an idea and nowhere to put it- where does it go?

this morning, on a california beach, poseidon was found, lounging over a pitchfork, gazing inland. what brought him there? who put him there? what’s the point?

who cares?

here are some things we’ve been thinking about lately that might be as meaningless as a god in the sand. but if they’re meaningful it’s because we bothered to shape them, type them, and tell them. and i guess that’s the point.

1. a backyard like no-man’s land.
i once wrote an unimportant blog post  about being a good neighbor.  i summarized hearing my neighbors’ conduct their lives through the fence. the key word is hear. i hardly know them, rarely see them, but i moved in when their first baby was first born and have lived next door to that baby becoming a kid and a new baby being born. the cycle of 2 a.m crying out the neighbors’ side window (alongside my bedroom window begins again. during the 2 p.m. hour, i hear the older one being threatened with time out or taking music lessons to the squeal of his baby brother crying…out the side window… again.
there’s a two year old on the other side of the fence (a year younger than the three-year old opposite) and he just got a little sister (a month older than the newborn opposite) both families on both sides of the fences are in full force on sundays. parents and grandparents on-site. i am sandwiched between generations of families sound happy… and together… and it feels like life in the middle is going nowhere, stuck in the middle of what life is very much about. that’s how it feels. but I don’t know how i feel about it. – CC

2. bath tub crayons
go buy kids bathtub crayons tomorrow . keep them in the shower because it is true that a lot of good ideas happen in there and- who wants to forget anymore!? -SE

3. does unrequited love have real world applications?
it’s like being inside a book that no one is reading i suppose. dreaming about old loves. and of a slim pride I have in journal writing, I’d say it’s mostly of my having tracked and recorded these dreams quite faithfully for a couple of years. i recently re-read these accounts in chronological order and was convinced of what i’ve always suspected: i’m trying to reconcile something in real life- subconsciously conjuring people from the past to help me reconcile. but what are they telling me? does dreaming in-love make sense in the real world? -CC

4. a spontaneous pop up party
give party guests about two hours warning that there will be a spontaneous, impromptu party. each guest much bring a dish to share and a gift to give.  both dish and present must not be purchased; something already on hand.  for the party host- all decorations and entertainment must already be in the house- no shopping.  who knows who will come and what it will be like? -SE

5. a writer
“if that’s what I was to become, needs a sniper’s awareness of landscape + a sinister impulse to show reality its own face + a hunter’s sense of hearing + a bedridden personality type + a consumptive’s reading habits + an interior life like an iron lung + an open mind in regards to lumbar support + a visceral connection to the written word + a keen interest in capitalizing on the tragedies of your time + a capacity to live without exterior validation + an irresistible curiosity that gives you the moral right to eavesdrop or stalk almost anyone on planet earth” – Steve Toltz, Quicksand

6. i’m not vain, but i’m desperately clinging to my “prime”
i look at my gray hairs without fright. i accept that they keep coming. i was thinking about the age i reached puberty, which was more or less normal. i thought in exaggerations. what if all my hair was already gray and what if i had been one of those late bloomers in my teenage years? think how short my “prime” would have been. do we fail to recognize ourselves in our “prime” and then it’s too late-  we’re completely bald or wrinkled, feeling sorry about irretrievable of age? -CC

7.  idea for a story
main character goes out everyone day of his life and picks up a rock along the way.  he does this every day of his life, always coming home every day with a rock…  the rocks signify something, but what?  every night before bed he removes the rock that arrived in his pocket and places it in in his dresser drawer. his dresser drawer is full of rocks.  one day it falls through the floor.  this could be the beginning or the end of the story.  -SE

8. bullet proof coffee

adventure check (off) list

submission for the daily adventure check list assignment. by- Courtney

1.  Take a photo everyday

… (yeah and I KNOW I just bought a new camera…)

2.  Write

I met my morning pages ritual head on this week. (My ritual is 3 pages of free-writing every single day in my journal.) I also adopted a new organizing method inspired by index cards and the following news article:

3. Express yourself

The more you give, the more of yourself you put forth…does equate to getting more. This week I remembered what it means to be on a team with your friends and what it feels like to accomplish something in stride. This week I invited a new friend to a new yoga class that I’d been saying for a very long time, I would try. I will remember this when I put something off again…and again for someday…later…


Annual 5K run in the mud, Del Mar fairgrounds, San Diego, California.

intro acro yoga

I attended my first AcroYoga class this weekend.

4.  Submit

I sent a one-liner to the local newspaper for a “headline this cartoon” contest  (I have yet to see if it made it to print.) I submitted 25 lines based on the photo prompt for Writer’s Digest Magazine (contest #61.) My dad and I finally compiled a video clip highlighting some of our adventures on our hunt for Forrest Fenn’s treasure this summer. We submitted the video to a production team that has expressed interest in our quest. Perhaps a camera crew will accompany us on our next trip to the search site in 2015 and perhaps it will all be made into an episodic series, coming soon to a television near you.

2014-09-29 10.43.12

jucy fun!

The Thrill of Our FIRST Chase (in a Jucy rental)
Nony and Courtney, July 2014.

daily adventure check list.

check list

living an adventurous life does not usually happen in an instant.  it is a constant and consistent effort to move towards the daring, the uncomfortable and the exciting.  adventure is a mindset, it is a habit, it is a choice.

this week we urge you to be consistent in your adventures by completing a certain number of tasks daily.  but how can adventure be formulated into a list you ask?  freedom through discipline.  freedom through discipline, our adventure seeking friends!

adventure check list:

1.  take a photo everyday.  this photo should be interesting, exciting, thought provoking-something that you are proud to display.

2.  write.  a paragraph, a story, an anecdote, or even a well crafted sentence.

3.  find yourself in an uncomfortable situation.  express your opinion.  challenge the status quo.  frighten yourself.  impress yourself.

4.  submit your work!  there are countless writing competitions and photo contests out there.  go find one!  in fact, find one every day and go for it!  because, why not?!  put yourself out there! someone has to win and it might as well be you, adventure seeker!

post a record of your completed check list every day and make adventure become a habit.  share your experiences with us at

the blind date assignment

the blind date assignment
(artist date adventures part I)

artist date ass.1

the blind date assignment

this week you are going on a blind date. if are you already married-well, lucky you, because on this date your spouse is not invited. no matter that you’re seriously attached or seeing someone special. and whether you’re single and hopeful or sadly flying solo, this adventure awaits you and you and you too! what’s more, this brand of blind date has serious long term potential (statistics be damned!)

pick a day. choose a time. mark your calendar and look forward to it. show up.
when? look forward to what exactly? where do i show up?
ok, calm down (you can take the blindfold off too…) whenever you have an hour or two, this week, plan to spend your date doing whatever you would look forward to doing! you are planning this date. your artist will meet you there.
that’s right. you are going on a date with your own personal artist. and yes, your artist is invisible (and yes, you may be at a table for two but appear to be alone in public.) everyone has an artist within them. consider it a muse or a trapped, creative inner child. maybe it’s the voice inside or chattering of the mind. call it your left brain, call it your soul or your free spirit. call it fred. however you imagine this artist, you’re about to confront it. you’re about to meet it (you have to take the blindfold off now…)

artists only

what is an artist date? it’s an activity with a destination, a commitment that you make and uphold. it’s something you preplan and defend against other distractions (nobody else is allowed to come along!) why date an artist? because even an artist needs to be taken out of the house, outside or out on the town. and your artist wants to be with you- by your side, listened to, paid attention to. your artist must be taken care of, sheltered and exposed, nourished and spoiled, in order to survive.

this is just the first date! don’t spend a lot of money, don’t buy a new outfit. don’t go out of your way for this is the first artist date (there will be other artist date adventures as future adventureclubinteractive assignments, stay tuned!) for now, this week, simply get to know your inner artist. if you have met before, or already meet quite often, get reacquainted somewhere other than your office or studio (a coffee shop? museum? a photo shoot at the park?) go slow on the first date. be a little shy. be a good listener. honor your mutual needs (maybe your artist doesn’t want to be dragged to another coffee shop for the eight day of the week…) quite likely you both crave novelty, a break in routine, a breaking of rules (a new coffee shop out of town?!) most importantly- set aside the time and spend it alone together.

we will accept photographic or written submissions inspired by your blind date assignments in any format of form or prose. please submit your completed assignments via email: and we look forward to posting them on our blog for public view!

artist date ass.2

may sentence exchange assignment

sentence exchange

the assignment: read, record and memorize the 10 sentences provided. transform them out of words and into images.
submit your 10 photo images via email to and we will post them at the end of assignment week.
whether or not you participate in the assignment, stay tuned! all submitted photos will be posted on the completed assignments blog at the end of the week.
the (tried, tested and true) results of this exchange- our sentences with your images- is an artful- always unique, often intelligent and sometimes curious- collaboration of adventures.

the buzz of the adventure: “lost and found in translation.” “visually inspired literary inspiration.” “unique, wildly different interpretations- all of the same sentence(s).” “think portrayal rather than perfect match.”

the sentences:

1. Speed is good only when wisdom leads the way.

2. Turn at the last corner before maturity.

3. These lizards are out of control.

4. Rumors ran rampant and the gossip got up and galloped.

5. Gravity has dealt us another blow.

6. Maybe in a square world.

7. How does one take the temperature of toast?

8. Lovable like a trumpet.

9. Crisis or not, nothing should interfere with tea.

10. As though you could write it out of reality, restore it into the realm of innocence- like fiction…


for more inspiration browse previous adventures: sentence exchange assignment



famished for fiction book club- april

sleep donation karen russell

april book club read

the adventureclubinteractive april book of the month is Sleep Donation by Karen Russell (e-book format only.) click on the book to peruse more about the book and the club. already Sleep Donation? adventureclubinteractive  encourages you to explore beyond the book club shelf and browse other recommendations that are constantly being updated on the adventureclubinteractive goodreads page.

april sentence exchange assignment.

it’s back!  there is a reason that we, at adventureclubinteractive, keep finding ourselves drawn to the fun and creative expression of sentence exchange. sentenceexchange there is magic in the collaboration!

if you, the adventureseeker, are new to this concept, here is a brief review of the rules and objectives and how to participate!

below you will find a list of 10 sentences, 5 written/compiled by adventureclubviral, and 5 written/compiled by thestephala (we encourage you to create your own sentences with a friend as well!)  it is your job as the adventureseeker to take these 10 sentences and transform them from words on a page to an image expressing the meaning or feeling behind the sentence.  finally, combine the written words with your images and create a sentence exchange gallery!

the sentences:

1.  in appearance they are strong, but in reality they are only clay giants, they are truly paper tigers.

2.  i love that he loves lime green.

3.  might you mar a brand new something if a part of you felt oppressed by its perfection?

4.  there was poetry in the streets.

5.  safer than the bank, not soft like a mattress.

6.  if i say i am then i am, and if i say i’m not then i must not be.

7.  he worked with dynamite for a handsome paycheck.

8.  i wonder if trying is worth a damn at all.

9.  it’s space junk.

10.  there she went with her gloves and her parasol and her white patent leather shoes which were muddied from the persistent rain.



let’s be characters #1 & #2

prompt #1:  Suzanne, a middle aged woman from Alabama, finds herself stuck in line at her local grocery store...

lemon coconut bars 1 v2 - blog

“I can’t believe that I’ve run out of lemons again!”  Suzanne says to herself as she waits in the checkout line with a cart filled exclusively with lemons.  A gentle smirk rolls across her face.  “Ok, I know, of course I’ve run out of lemons.  I wasn’t going to make that lemon custard yesterday but Beverly insisted- she begged me!  ‘Please make your lemon custard for our Society Tea!  It won’t be a proper meeting without your custard!’  After hearing that, how could I refuse?  That foolish custard robbed me of my last 10 lemons and I refuse to remain in any home devoid of lemons, especially my own and especially with this storm brewing.  Why I might be trapped inside my house for days and what if I need to bake some lemon cookies to get me by?”

The line does not move forward.  Outside the wind begins to whisper, then rustle, then clamor.

The lights flicker and everyone in the he grocery store “oooos” in nervous anticipation.  Moments later the lights go out altogether.  Suzanne emits a tiny scream and freezes.  Her breath quickens, she begins to panic.

A voice squeaks over the loudspeaker but the words are grainy and muffled.  “…storm is here…dangerous…doors locked…make yourself comfortable…”


prompt #2:  a man in a suit who took a walk on his lunch break… and kept on walking…

downtown black and white guy  “How does a man with no intelligence, no moral character and no conscience wind up in charge of this organization?  Steinhart?!  They chose Steinhart over me?!  I’ve given the best years of my life to this place and for what?  Nothing.  Not a god damned thing.  That POS Steinhart!”

“You okay Tom?  You look a little red..flustered.  You okay?”

“Flustered?!  What am I?  An excitable hen?!  Do I look like I have my feathers in a bunch?!”

“Um…no…I didn’t think that flustered was a chicken reference Tom…”

“You POS.  I am not a god damned chicken and I’m not going to let that POS Steinhart chop off my head and let me run around like a damned fool!”

“Tom you gotta take it easy.  Take a few breaths and try to calm down.”

“I can’t stay cooped up here another minute!  I gotta get some air.  Tell Martha I’m taking an early lunch.  I’m going for a walk.”

“Good idea Tom.  See ya in a bit.”

Tom grabs his coat from the rack in the corner and marches out of the office and onto the street corner.

The wind is as equally agitated as Tom, spreading debris around the sidewalk as it blows.  Tom trips over an empty styrofoam coffee cup and nearly falls to the ground.  He looks up at the sky, addressing the wind.

“Steinhart!!!” He screams.

The wind gains strength and begins to push Tom forward guiding him down the sidewalk past his favorite coffee shop, past his regular metro stop and eventually past his apartment.  The wind contines to push Tom forward for miles, never slowing, never stopping.  He walks in a daze.  He walks in a trance.  He walks with the wind at his back.  He walks.


view the details of the let’s be characters! assignment here.

famished for fiction book club- march

The Writer's Adventure

march book club read

the adventureclubinteractive march book of the month is The Writer’s Adventure- An Interactive Guide for Exploring Fiction, by Sexton Burke. click on the book to peruse more about the book and the club. already The Writer’s Adventure? adventureclubinteractive  encourages you to explore beyond the book club shelf and browse other recommendations that are constantly being updated on the adventureclubinteractive goodreads page.