scavenger hunt- word art.

IMG_8146word art.  by- theStephALA

this beautiful postcard arrived in my mailbox not too long ago announcing the upcoming wedding of my oldest friend.  i almost just wrote “one of” but in fact she is my oldest.  we met in the first grade.  her husband to be is a gifted artist and no doubt created this announcement by hand and by heart.  here, is merely a snippet of graphic devotion.  word art.

scavenger word artword art. by-adventureclubviral

chicken of the sea: it has been a gradual process to eliminate things with legs in my diet. i have not eaten big animals in two and a half years. i stopped eating things with wings about three months ago. but oooh… ahhh… the fins and scales. the textures of smooth, silky and fleshy. the colors pink and white, gray and silver… the melt, squish and the chew my oh my… sea creatures. you make a strong statement. you strike an intriguing bargain. your plea is honest and fair. but you are too good a catch. too nice a bite. and your friends and cousins with shells and spines- for the cracking and slurping… i can’t. i just won’t. i have never even entertained the thought… of ever… giving you up.


scavenger hunt- word art. by- adventure seeker- ferg


scavenger word art- rob


word art. by- ferg

This city street advertisement is arguably one of the most influential forms of word art, found ironically on the brick siding of a low light trendy pub on a busy downtown street. As the general masses are overwhelmed with creative new waves of marketing and advertising, word art is still a pure form of getting your message across to a consumer. This particular advertisement uses visual stimulation to draw its attention and it’s manipulation of font sizes and scattered words to keep your attention and before you know it, you are hit with that thirsty sensation to want a drink! While Jack Daniels may not be your favorite drink of choice, the use of its infamous name in subliminal wall art may still make you stop in for a happy hour cocktail.