challenge: surrealist dream exercise


“nelly had a propeller hat flying dream in technicolor”

the surrealist art movement of the 20th century helped to give us all a visual window into the subconscious.  artists explored more imaginative images, dream-like scenes and unusual juxtapositions to show a world beyond our accepted reality.

in order to enhance his creative productivity and access this subconscious dream-state, salvador dali practiced a method he called “slumber with a key.”  dali would take a nap sitting upright in a chair holding a key in his hand with a plate on the floor placed underneath his dangling arm.  as soon as he began to fall asleep, the muscles of his hand relaxed causing the key to fall out of his hand and onto the plate with a loud crashing sound to jolt him awake.  dali then immediately sketched and painted the fresh images he witnessed in his dreams.

challenge:  adventureclubinteractive challenges you to tap into your “dream-state” for creative purpose.  try a variation on dali’s “slumber with a key” and awaken yourself mid-slumber to write, sketch, paint, sing, dance or however else you choose to express yourself.  feel free to take a nap holding a heavy skeleton key, or silverware or anything else that will jerk you awake when dropped on a plate.


variation:  set an alarm and wake yourself up sometime between 2am-6am.  this is vata time, a wonderful time for active dreams, creativity, spiritual practices and meditation.  tap into this vata energy and get busy creating!