3-D doors. by- adventureclubviral

doors 3D glasses 2


photograph of your not-so-ordinary pair of glasses. rather- a pair of doors. with the right 3-D television (filled with scenes of hobbits and dwarves in this case) this pair of doors opens eyes, better to see things jump forth, fly by and float across the field of vision. the flat forms on the flattest of screens of the most high-defintion technology become texturized, almost tangible and seemingly touchable through these doors. the experience of 3-D gives pause to the palate, just enough to drop your chopsticks off.


12:38 saturday & sunday. by- theStephALA

12:38pm saturday.  i drove over an hour to get here.  i made it all the way to campus without getting lost!  i sang my five songs: 1 french, 1 german, 1 italian, 1 latin, 1 english and i headed home.  sametime1238pm5

12:38am sunday.  i sit watching a move that is beyond ridiculous and completely inane.  i should go to bed but at the moment i am too worked up and upset so i stay up and i watch tv to numb my own feelings.  my favorite yoga teacher once said that tv is for people who don’t want to feel.  tonight i agree, and that is precisely why i am watching.


12:38pm sunday.  on the mountain with my dad.  what a blustery day!  the wind blew from every possible direction.  it was beautiful.