tele-photo tag assignment

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telephone.  you know how to play.

Is it true what they say about eskimos and their extensive repository of synonyms for snow?

Is it true what they say about eskimos and their extensive history of sinning on snow?

Is it true what they say about eskimos and their expensive story of cinnamon snow?

Is it true that they sail about and eskimos sensory cinnamon snow?

tele-photo tag.

tele-photo tag is similar to the above game of “telephone” but instead of an auditory experience, this one is visual!

as a telephoto camera lens allows you bring the distance closer to you, so does the tele-photo tag game.  in essence we are peering deeper and deeper into the same image.  with each subsequent response photo, we reveal things that we didn’t even know where present in the original!

how to play:
2 players or more.

1.  start with one photo.
player number one takes a photo and shares with player number two.
this photo should have a fairly wide scene with various subjects contained in the image.

2.  response.
player number two responds with an image of his or her own.
this response image must be somehow related to the original photo.
example:  imagine the original image is a wide beach scene with two people sitting under an umbrella in the distance.  the response image could possibly be a photo of a business man walking to work in the rain under an umbrella.

3.  repeat.
now it is player number one’s turn to respond to player number two’s variation on the original image.
example:  player number one now has to use player number two’s business man under an umbrella.  player number one notices a dog on a walk in the background of player number two’s photo and chooses to photograph a dog playing frisbee in a park.  

4.  tag
try to share back and forth as many times as possible for a set period of time.
for the purposes of this assignment, the duration is one week.

5.  enjoy the transformation!


looks like it sounds. sounds like it looks.


looks like it sounds. by- adventureclubviral

chain of thoughts:

i forgot my cell phone today. i don’t miss it. i wish i could turn my cell phone off for a day. i wish that i could be unreachable. when i am not home i am out and about and i am busy. why do i always have to be available even when i am not? i wish i had a landline. can you even sign up for those anymore? i wish i had an answering machine. voicemail is not the same. i wish that phones only rang. i am so sick of sirens, songs and electronic ring tones. hey what is that thing? i think it is a telephone. it looks like one. what a relic! you spin it… it dials… i don’t hear anything. yeah they don’t really use those things anymore…

banana ice (1 of 1)

sounds like it looks.  by- theStephALA

if this isn’t a catastrophic fall waiting to happen, then i don’t know what is.  a banana peel on ice!  how can i type out the cartoon sound of slipping on a banana peel?  an ascending zip?  zing?  schwoop?  shwink? whatever the spelling, i can hear it in my head, and i bet you can too.