spotlight on community-ization. by- adventureclubviral

hula hoop sunset

Headline: Community Out of Print and Globalization.  by- adventureclubviral

bored with the headlines, i took a sunset walk after work. by chance, i took a seat in perfect view of a new friend of mine at the beach. only the night before i shared sushi rolls with her and mutual friends of ours. she regaled us about her afternoon learning how to hula hoop- to my astonishment- it was something she had never tried before. i liked that she randomly stumbled upon a group of people, borrowed a hula hoop and tried something new. i liked that i saw her the next day doing it again.

so i have come to figure. the current events of a community are not always what you read about today or what is written for tomorrow. neither are they necessarily the events you buy tickets for, nor plan your week around. communities are about sharing events with other people. the adventure is in learning new things and meeting new people. and i suppose the more things you know and the people you connect with, the smaller the world becomes.

after the sunset, i approached that silhouette of hips, hair and hula hoop that was my new friend. i picked up a hula hoop myself. she said to me, “after i master the hula hoop, i will learn to sing the blues.”


the velveteen tree. by- theStephALA

IMG_8300“oh how i long to be a real tree.  last christmas i overheard a fascinating story about a stuffed rabbit that became REAL!  miraculously transformed by the power of love.  i wish someone would love me that much.   i wonder what a love like that feels like…

i am the recipient of temporary love, if you can even call it that.  a product of strange ritual of mostly forgotten origin.  even i don’t know why they bring me out each year, but i do love to be on display again.  i love to be wrapped in lights and dressed in bows with beautiful shining adornments on each of my branches.  i love to bring cheer and spirit and smiles to my people.  but sadly i know my glory won’t last.  soon i will be stuffed in a box again.  forgotten.

oh how i long to be a real tree!  to smell of fresh pine!  to dig my roots into the earth and grow as tall as the sky!  i just need someone to love me a little bit more…”

-the velveteen tree

tree- the only one left. by- theStephALA


“when i say i’ve seen it all, i mean i’ve really seen it all.  trunks like mine don’t get this thick overnight!  no ma’am.  i’ve been growing and watching over this land for longer than i care to remember.  i’m the only one now, but i used to have acres of company!  one by one the others vanished- perished of illness or were uprooted by giants from above.  it’s a shame really that i’m the only one left to see this beautiful sunset.  that’s ok, i will keep it for myself.  look how my branches glow!”

-the only one left