odd opposites. struggle versus liberation. by- theStephALA

opposites-strugglestruggle.  have you heard the saying, “grow where you are planted”?  if you happen to find yourself living in a small hole of dirt in the middle of a parking lot, i’m certain it takes a great deal more determination than most have to sink your roots into the earth and reach for the sun. caged on four sides by cement, bound and shackled with heavy lights this little guy forges ahead, struggling….onwards and upwards…

opposites-liberationthe other side of the cold and heavy snow.  the other side of the struggle.  space.  freedom.  room to grow.  sunlight.  liberation.


odd opposites. struggle versus maintain. by- adventureclubviral

bent lightbeams


the way that i see the light…

struggle (verb) – to resist the ordinary. to deny expectation. to defy the order. to bend the rules. to break the laws. to transcend the norm. to protest. to attempt to shine light in dark places.


maintain (verb) – to exist in equilibrium. to remain within predictability. to adhere to structure. to respect conformity. to resist change. to accept. to shine light in one direction.