the twist- interpreting the sixth sense?

your five senses guide you through your waking life. it is arguable that they ever get a rest. when you fall asleep at night your senses don’t really… turn off… sleep perchance to dream?

closely observing animals is like catching a passing glance in a mirror…

so ignorant to ignore the way that different species use their very different senses. though we tend to regard other animals as inferior to the animals that we are…

how interesting. take another look.

adventureclubinteractive wants to know what you think about the sixth sense.

do we have it? can we imagine it? could we handle it?
Imageis it language? 


is it flight?


is it emotional?


is it about a balance?


is it about attraction?


patience? meditation? boredom?


adventureclubinteractive would be pleased to publish your pondering.

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