spare parts #1. by- adventureclubviral

spare parts purse



oh the purse!

roll your eyes or pucker your nose- but don’t deny it

every lady knows…

the size, the style, the strap- tote or clutch?

to zip or to clasp- it all matters so much

that purse in the window- has a place in my heart

i want it so badly…

to fill with all my spare parts.



(can’t catch) spare time. by- adventureclubviral


spare time is the holes in dreamcatchers.

all makes and models of dreamcatchers are sure to include spare time-
the ostentatious ones- gaudy with fake feathers, synthetic strings and cheap beads…
or the authentic ones- handcrafted in native lands, handmade by native people…
spare time dangles in rearview mirrors driving everywhere and getting nowhere.
spare time is believed in, wished upon, hoped for, worried and wondered about.
it hangs, it twirls, it spins, it pivots.
spare time knows how to dance (and like a lady- spare time will dance only when asked).
spare time waits for something but never appears to have it.
spare time wants for nothing because it is a hole between strings.
everybody waits for it, everybody wants it.
nobody gets it.

spare time is a dream that can’t catch.

prose 2. -by theStephALA

“these shoes have been in my closet for over thirty-five years.  when i put them in my closet they were pretty much brand new.  every day i’d look in and see them on the shelf but i couldn’t bring myself to throw them away.  i knew that saddle shoes would come back in style and lo and behold they have!  i was reading one of those fashion magazines the other day and do you know what i saw in one of the pictures?  saddle shoes!  i knew that they would come back in style and the other day i saw them in a fashion magazine!”
prose shoes

true story. 

prose. by- adventureclubinteractive

Fuji-Instax-Mini-8-Mintresisting the urge to indulge? yes.
restraining the impulse to shop? trying.
something you want is not something you need? don’t know.
guilty of greed? horribly.
haunted with guilt? heavily.

no need for excuses. no space for regrets.
happy birthday adventureclub!
buy something that creates experiences.  ok.

theStephALA and adventureclubviral are exchanging gifts this month in honor of adventureclub’s one year anniversary. they are both purchasing Fujifilm Instax mini cameras for one another.
(this is not the same as buying Fujifilm Instax mini cameras for themselves!)
totally unadventurous!
adventurous is that they will each receive an unexpected color of camera at an unexpected time this month. both admitted to feeling the camera was a bit of an indulgence. it was more something they wanted and not something they needed. both would have felt guilty purchasing it for themselves. so they bought it for each other. they bought cameras that take instant, high quality mini prints- much like the beloved Polaroids of the past. they bought something that will take them on adventures, that will alter their experiences, perspectives and provide them with inspiration.

what are you guilty of shopping for or greedy in wanting?
will it buy you new experiences?


prose 1. -by theStephALA

behind the green glass door, there are saddles but no riders.  there are hooves but no horseshoes.  there are carrots but no oats.  behind the green glass door there is sorrow but no crying and there are giggles but no laughter.  behind, behind, behind is there anything there at all and how can you tell? if you turn and look behind you really must be looking in front.

contrary to popular opinion, at times, it is advisable not to put one foot in front of the other, and this is why i will remain firmly planted on this cracked pavement.  yes it is hot, but if i stand here long enough perhaps my hooves will melt to the road and prevent me from trotting along.  if the early bird gets the worm, then the eager pony gets the unruly overweight child.  no.  i will remain here and i will not move.  if a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, then a harsh whack on the rump is worth an absence of back pain and hair pulling.

behind the green glass door there is hopelessness but no hope.


market pony.
1o cents per pound.

prose assignment

mint typewriter


prose doesn’t usually make it in the published world because prose is a literary outlaw. it lacks the metrical structure of poetry, verse or story. it lacks format. it breaks rules. prose is the lawless stuff of diaries, journals, scribbles and doodles. it’s the stuff that isn’t perfect and needs polish. the tendency is to ignore prose and the trick is to realize its potential.

p(r)ose and position assignment:

prose has no expectations. maybe it serves no purpose.
prose knows no beginning, middle or end.
prose holds no position.
prose can be written without attachment. it exists momentarily and everlastingly.
it holds a timeless pose.
the prose assignment is an adventure in writing and a challenge in incorporating recent photographic assignment themes.

1. compose prose specific to the photography of the past two adventureclubinteractive assignment weeks.

view the pose assignment

view the position assignment

and / or:

2. strike new poses. capture new positions. inspire your photography with captions of prose.


please submit your completed assignments via email:
we look forward to sharing your masterpieces on our blog.