adventure noir- a fictional retelling of CASE I.D: suite+case7329

submission for the adventureclubinteractive adventure noir assignment. by- theStephALA

my day started off in the usual fashion.  alarm.  snooze.  alarm.  snooze.  after another 30 min i reluctantly rolled myself out of bed and went to grab a cup of coffee at the local diner a block away from my apartment.  bev greeted me at the door with a coffee, a scowl and a slice of crumb cake.

“i didn’t think you’d be back here after last night.  i was kind of hoping you’d never set foot in this joint again.”  she said through clenched teeth.

“yeah well, what can i tell you babe?”

“you just don’t know when to quit.”  she slammed the crumb cake down in front of me and nearly tipped my coffee cup in my lap.

“well, whatta ya got for me today bev?”  i asked through my bites.  she eyed me cautiously.  i knew she had something good but didn’t want to spill it too soon.  last night had been quite a night for us all and neither she nor i wanted to push our luck…

“remember mabel from two blocks down?”  bev asked.  i nodded.  “well, she’s taken to painting.  when she started it wasn’t very exciting, no one cared, i didn’t care, suddenly she is in high demand, literally high.  it’s fishy, it just doesn’t feel right….”

“what do you mean fishy?”  i asked, finishing my coffee with a large gulp.

“it just doesn’t feel right…”

“what do i owe ya?”

“you don’t know by now?”

i looked up at bev with a sly smile and headed out the door.

two blocks down from the restaurant i saw what she was talking about.

photo 1

this was definitely not the mabel i knew.  something was fishy all right.  why the get up?  why the pedestal?  what was she after?  i started sniffing around but almost instantly two guys were on my tail.

photo 3

they came out of nowhere and gained on me fast.  i walked faster, they walked faster.  i turned left, they turned left.  i stopped at a street stand and bought a taco, they stopped at a street stand and bought a taco.  i started to sweat and had a feeling that mabel was in serious danger.  these two “gentle”men behind me were not messing around.  i started running back to where mabel had been but instead of her outrageous art display i only found a string of bears.

photo 2

i lost my breath.  “what the hell have you bastards done with mabel?!”  i shouted to the two goons who had never left my tail.  i turned around to face them, fists clenched ready for a fight.  i thought i’d go after the short one first, but before i could lunge at him, the small goon frowned, stepped to the side and pointed directly under his feet.

photo 4

i understood.  i nodded.  so that was that.  i headed back to the diner for more crumb cake.


adventure noir- CASE I.D: suite+case0561

submission for the adventureclubinteractive adventure noir assignment. by- Courtney
2014-09-15 17.27.59Fig. a

Investigating officer: Det. Courtney Noir
Client: Mahone Lincoln, rep. Macon Police Dept.
Incident No.: 06000-145-2015
Case Description: Pent. Suite Fraud

Case I.D.: suite+case0561
Date Filed: 09/20/2015

Investigated daily activity of subject. Employees at 56 Nooks Ave. confirmed that subject frequently visited 56 Nooks Penthouse Suite 14., home of P.O. Pie.
09/10/15: Identified residence of subject by offering local paperboy five dollars to throw newspaper at subject’s head and pretend it was an accident at approx. 5:00. Apologetic paperboy confirmed name and address of subject. Subject seemed angry and tired. Subject remained at residence throughout day. Left residence at approx. 16:30 on foot. Subject moved quickly, carried medium cross body purse, large brown messenger bag that appeared full, also hard-exterior carry-on style suitcase on wheels. (I photographed subject’s reflection- Fig. a) Subject walked approx. 15 min. to 56 Nooks Ave., high-rise  apt. complex, north of subject’s residential neighborhood. Subject was buzzed in. Subject left apt. complex at 23:10 without brown bag and suitcase.
09/11/15: Subject left residence at 14:00 on foot. Followed subject to 56 Nooks Ave. I entered through open window of fitness center. I waited in lobby. Conversation with elevator attendant revealed popular opinion of tenants and neighbors; that subject and P.O Pie were associates but not lovers. Attendant stated the two were rarely seen coming or going together. Approx. 17:00 subject left with P.O. Pie on foot, walked to Snickers Tavern. Subject left tavern at 23:15 alone.
09/12/15: Subject left residence at 15:30, walked to 56 Nooks Ave. Left at 17:00 with suitcase on wheels. Returned home approx. 17:10.
09/13/15: Subject left residence at 12:25 with suitcase. Subject appeared unkempt, wore pajama bottoms and baseball hat. Walked to 56 Nooks. Subject left apt. complex at 16:00 with brown messenger bag over shoulder, apparently heavy but not hard. Contents of bag appeared soft, the shape of bag shifted with subject’s movement. Also had suitcase. Subject seemed very tired, paused many times before returning home at 16:30.
09/14/15: Subject left residence at 12:15 with suitcase. Subject walked to 56 Nooks Ave. Left apt. complex at approx. 16:00 and crossed the street. Subject was not carrying anything. Subject remained across the street, in front of 59 Nooks address. Subject appeared calm and casual but looked around a lot as though waiting.

2014-09-16 17.19.36Fig. b

Approx. 16:30 P.O. Pie exited 56 Nooks with brown messenger bag. (Fig. b) Subject followed him, on foot, behind by approx. one block the whole way. Neither one acknowledged the other. Both arrived at the Mars Bar and Grill within 5 minutes of each other around 17:00. I followed them inside. Subject sat alone at bar top, ordered two draft beers. At 17:45 P.O. Pie sat next to subject and talked without interruption for several hours. (Fig. c) Exited bar together at 22:45, remained outside in conversation for approx. 20 min. Subject walked straight home with brown bag. Bag didn’t appear full.

2014-09-15 21.24.56

Fig. c

09/15/15: Client terminated surveillance.

Dates of Investigation: 09/10/2015 – 09/15/2015
Date Filed: 09/20/2015

It is not conclusive that the subject is involved in fraudulent activities at 56 Nooks Penthouse Suite 14. Surveillance of subject suggests regular contact with P.O. Pie. All witnesses I spoke with agree that subject is a regular visitor at P.O. Pie suite. No witnesses can state with assurance the nature of their relationship. No direct evidence confirms any exchange or delivery of currency involving the subject.
All things taken into account- the regular encounters I observed of subject and P.O Pie, the mostly private nature of their encounters- combined with my suspicion of the repetitive coming and going with particular bags lead me to believe that the subject is involved with P.O. Pie on a level beyond acquaintance. Based on the size of the filled bags I think it is possible that the subject may be carrying a large sum of money in excess of $500,000 on a regular basis.