black out poetry


according to deputies,
they discovered a container.
an unconscious business man reported
a dog.
remove him and cut the lock!

$6,000 discovered.
received and

$3,000 missing!

an older male wasn’t the caller.
a man went
a watch.


the rodeo will be the last.
an exciting lineup!
“Babe” will not be disappointed.

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black out poetry- new news and poetic opinion

jump ship.

authority undeserved
operates unsuccessfully
joining controversy-
a division
the understudy
the mastermind
the departure-
flouting the lawful
reluctant decisions
the distance between-
decades long
In response
flames fanned
echoing Ultimately
Civic oversight
saying everything is A-OK-
transparency, agreement, discretion, compliance
the reality-
a binding advocacy
benchmarks, benefits, efforts-
quickly buried
pressure from officials
community, leadership, public, groups
true targets
with think tank needs
lacking approach
entrenched in their views-
a bitter battle


umbrellas surround
separation reflects
The little things
No-brainer things
the ah-heck-inferiority-complex
blindfolded, undisclosed
secured projection
of statuesque perfection
riveting, incessant
warned of delight
of daydream, of apparition
a hand, a wand
the spin, the sugar
the jokes, the turquoise giggle
The Big Worry
The Big Budget Fairy
freezes, winks
The Big Worry Theory?
love breezy
victory overwhelmingly sleepy
messy, magical, nonsensical
emotional, professional
folks bent on special-
blank stares-
trembles, shuddering, triggers
unaware, uncharacteristically built
of gold glitter
over time

poetry by courtney capellan. highlighted (blacked out) from San Diego CityBeat, April 29, 2015. UpFront / News page 6 and UpFront / Opinion page 7.


jelly cat

the rarest of wild animals to find in a tree
or anywhere at all for that matter is
the jelly cat.

the jelly cat makes no sound
the jelly cat is stealth embodied
the jelly cat watches you
and all of the other passers by
while perched on high,
and snickers behind your back

it snickers black and blue stripes.
do not engage the jelly cat
lest you want black and blue stripes across your face.
the jelly cat is rage embodied
yet he is patient.
the jelly cat is not going anywhere.
it is you who should run.

submission for the  adventureclubinteractive versification-impression assignment


versification-impression assignment (poemography)


poet's tree

poetry can be the most beautiful, the most versatile, the most frightening thing imaginable. poetry is raw, descriptive, rhythmic, succinct…or not.  the tricky thing about poetry is that there are rules, there are broken rules, and then there are also no rules at all.

it’s difficult to force a poem.  you must be ready, listening, watching, observing, actively waiting and inviting the poem to force you.  invite the poem to dinner.  poems never rsvp, they rarely arrive on time but they always at least make a cameo appearance.

assignment:  this week adventureclubinteractive wants you, the adventureseeker, to switch on your poetry brain.  this week’s assignment is a combination of writing and photography.  which came first the chicken or the egg?  such is the assignment.  be ready with open eyes and an open mind.  you may capture a stunning moment in time with an exquisite photograph.  elaborate on this image with verse.  write. a. poem.


perhaps the poem strikes you first-a free flowing iambic pentameter masterpiece dictated from the gods!  then illustrate your verse with an image.  capture the message, the meaning, the feeling with a photograph.

in summation.  poetry + photography = versification-impression (poemography).  at the end of the week you should have one photo and one poem that work together in harmony.

poetry quote emily dickenson


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(can’t catch) spare time. by- adventureclubviral


spare time is the holes in dreamcatchers.

all makes and models of dreamcatchers are sure to include spare time-
the ostentatious ones- gaudy with fake feathers, synthetic strings and cheap beads…
or the authentic ones- handcrafted in native lands, handmade by native people…
spare time dangles in rearview mirrors driving everywhere and getting nowhere.
spare time is believed in, wished upon, hoped for, worried and wondered about.
it hangs, it twirls, it spins, it pivots.
spare time knows how to dance (and like a lady- spare time will dance only when asked).
spare time waits for something but never appears to have it.
spare time wants for nothing because it is a hole between strings.
everybody waits for it, everybody wants it.
nobody gets it.

spare time is a dream that can’t catch.