9:59 am / 9:59 pm

a week of 9:59 am

tuesday morning:  packing up our hotel room after a short get away.

wednesday morning:  a habitual stop to get coffee after teaching music together.

thursday morning:  making photocopies of sheet music at the ups store in preparation for my afternoon music lessons.

friday morning:  missed photo.  at 9:59 i was just sitting down at the front of the room to teach a gentle yoga class to a group of my favorite regular students.

saturday morning:  missed photo.  at 9:59 was in the middle of teaching a hatha yoga class.

sunday morning:  spring clinic at solitude.  a day full of all mountain skiing.

a week of 9:59 pm

monday night:  relaxing in our hotel room during our short get away.

tuesday night:  laundry.

wednesday night: missed photo. forgotten.

thursday night:  missed photo.  forgotten.

friday night:  recommitted to practicing the harp.

saturday night:  missed photo.  driving.

sunday night:  resting after a long day of skiing.