“a body” assignment

week #4:  nov 25th-dec 1st


  • the assignment:
    every day a body.
    how do you photographically express it?
    stay tuned for daily body prompts…

           submit your photographs daily or as a collection at the end of the assignment week:

           via email: adventureclubinteractive.com
           via facebook: https://www.facebook.com/adventureclublive

dear adventure seeker…sentence exchange…sincerely- adventureclubviral

to theStephALA:

i am so glad that we decided to revisit one of our favorite adventures…

please take a picture for each sentence.

i can’t wait to see what my words inspire for your photography


1. where it stops is where i start.


2. what is more enticing than candy tinged with danger?


3. please be my paperclip and keep me together.


4. one part mindful and two parts playful.


5. try to get smarter than jeopardy and richer than monopoly.





p.s. if you are not theStephALA but you want to be an adventure seeker- please participate!
whether you start your own sentence exchange with a friend or would like to share ours…
document your adventures, send them to us and we will share them on our blog.

please submit a gallery of your sentence photos no later than sunday, may 12th.
submit via email to: adventureclubinteractive@gmail.com
if we consider it a masterpiece we will post it on adventureclubinteractive.com.

view more details of the sentence exchange assignment.