photo story #6



photo story assignment.

a picture may be worth a thousand words, but sometimes it is fun to combine the two.   we see combinations of words and text all of the time, especially in advertising.  sometimes the text very clearly defines the picture and serves to emphasize its meaning.  at other times, the text may be in stark contrast to the image presented and this juxtaposition can be fascinating and even revelatory!

this week we are using images that already contain text, and putting them together to tell a  photo story.


this week’s assignment is another opportunity for collaboration!  find a partner and grab your camera!  create a sentence or short phrase together using images that already contain written text.

decide who will begin.

partner A sends partner B a photo already containing letters or printed words.  this is the beginning of the sentence/story.

partner B responds by taking a photo that also includes letters or words to continue the sentence where partner A left off.  partner B sends this new photo to partner A and it begins again!

at the end of the week you should have quite a photo story to tell!

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