may sentence exchange assignment

sentence exchange

the assignment: read, record and memorize the 10 sentences provided. transform them out of words and into images.
submit your 10 photo images via email to and we will post them at the end of assignment week.
whether or not you participate in the assignment, stay tuned! all submitted photos will be posted on the completed assignments blog at the end of the week.
the (tried, tested and true) results of this exchange- our sentences with your images- is an artful- always unique, often intelligent and sometimes curious- collaboration of adventures.

the buzz of the adventure: “lost and found in translation.” “visually inspired literary inspiration.” “unique, wildly different interpretations- all of the same sentence(s).” “think portrayal rather than perfect match.”

the sentences:

1. Speed is good only when wisdom leads the way.

2. Turn at the last corner before maturity.

3. These lizards are out of control.

4. Rumors ran rampant and the gossip got up and galloped.

5. Gravity has dealt us another blow.

6. Maybe in a square world.

7. How does one take the temperature of toast?

8. Lovable like a trumpet.

9. Crisis or not, nothing should interfere with tea.

10. As though you could write it out of reality, restore it into the realm of innocence- like fiction…


for more inspiration browse previous adventures: sentence exchange assignment




april sentence exchange assignment.

it’s back!  there is a reason that we, at adventureclubinteractive, keep finding ourselves drawn to the fun and creative expression of sentence exchange. sentenceexchange there is magic in the collaboration!

if you, the adventureseeker, are new to this concept, here is a brief review of the rules and objectives and how to participate!

below you will find a list of 10 sentences, 5 written/compiled by adventureclubviral, and 5 written/compiled by thestephala (we encourage you to create your own sentences with a friend as well!)  it is your job as the adventureseeker to take these 10 sentences and transform them from words on a page to an image expressing the meaning or feeling behind the sentence.  finally, combine the written words with your images and create a sentence exchange gallery!

the sentences:

1.  in appearance they are strong, but in reality they are only clay giants, they are truly paper tigers.

2.  i love that he loves lime green.

3.  might you mar a brand new something if a part of you felt oppressed by its perfection?

4.  there was poetry in the streets.

5.  safer than the bank, not soft like a mattress.

6.  if i say i am then i am, and if i say i’m not then i must not be.

7.  he worked with dynamite for a handsome paycheck.

8.  i wonder if trying is worth a damn at all.

9.  it’s space junk.

10.  there she went with her gloves and her parasol and her white patent leather shoes which were muddied from the persistent rain.



dear adventure seeker-sentence exchange. -by theStephALA

1.  where it stops is where i start.

IS-where it stops

2.  what is more enticing than candy tinged with danger?

IS-candy dangeri suppose this photo needs an explanation…today while i was waiting in line at the local walmart photo counter, a mother and daughter stood ahead of me, waiting for their photos.  as the young girl waited with her mother, she munched on a snack…an unpaid for cup of popcorn shrimp.  i watched this girl (about 5-6 years old), consume no less than five baby shrimp, possibly more.  her mother responded in a demeaning tone:  “you don’t want shrimp!  go back and get the chicken!  go back and get the chicken!  i told you to go get the chicken.”  the mother then paid for her photos and she and her daughter purposefully abandoned this tainted cup of popcorn shrimp on the counter.

3.  please be my paper clip and keep me together.


4.  one part mindful and two parts playful.IS-mindul playful

5.  try to get smarter than jeopardy and richer than monopoly.

IS-smarter jeopardy monopolythis poor horned animal was neither.

dear adventure seeker…sentence exchange…sincerely-theStephALA

greetings adventureclubviral!

as per our discussion, this week we have agreed to collaborate and combine our efforts for another sentence exchange assignment!

here are your five sentences to interpret however you choose:

1.  damn you and your open door!

2.  the composer died before he completed his viola concerto.

3.  i know it shouldn’t, and i’d like to think it doesn’t, but it often does.

4.  it is a very delicate balancing act.

5. five times as warm, and five times as cold — just as i’m five times as rich as you are, and five times as clever!

i look forward to your interpretations!


sentence exchange assignment.


the sentence exchange assignment is a favorite of the creators of adventureclubinteractive.  this particular assignment emerged out of a desire to collaborate and work together to create a joint masterpiece.


 “as it fell it made a terrible sound, not quite audible, but deafening.” –sentence courtesy of theStephALA

I.S.3-As It Fell-CC

photo interpretation courtesy of adventureclubviral

the sentence exchange assignment– adventureclubinteractive will post one sentence each day for your consideration.  let this sentence be your inspiration for the day.  interpret this sentence however you like:  take a photo of the sentence, write a song using the sentence, write a story or play driven by the sentence or even create a dance interpretation if you like!

adventureclubinteractive will post your sentence exchange interpretations as they are received.  please submit your completed assignments daily or in totality by sunday, february 24th    via email: