blank canvas assignment

do you believe that inspiration is a fickle being that strikes a lucky few and teases the remainder of the artistic community?  if you’ve been waiting around for this magical creature to visit you, it may be time to alter your approach…

this week, adventureclubinteractive challenges you to to take control of your artistic situation and manage your creative output by sticking to a specific schedule and making a personal commitment to yourself to do your “work” each and every day this week.

what is your work?  you tell us! take this opportunity to brush dust off your canvas and find a clean slate. gather the materials that your work demands. clean paint brushes, untangle yo-yos, unroll yoga mats, suspend slack lines, fire up pottery wheels, hydrate clay, shuffle cards, charge batteries, tune instruments… feel free to write, photograph, dance, video or compose. and if you are already an accomplished writer, photographer, dancer, videographer or composer- perhaps you find the adventure in the work instead– working at something new and different. perhaps you trade composition for prose, kickboxing for kiteboarding, photography for cooking, designing video games for planting garden flowers…

choose your own work. and work everyday.

the keys to this assignment are consistency and progress.  as you’ve most certainly heard before, “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  we recommend picking a specific time every day to do your work.  keeping a regular schedule will make it easier to stay on track and stay committed working everyday. maybe you set a timer: 20min-60min. maybe you designate a room with a door to close.

eliminate all distractions.  focus on your work.


document your progress. take a daily photo of your work and record your feelings and experiences in a journal entry / blog post. we will all be proud of ourselves when this week is over and hopefully these habits will continue on after the assignment expires!

please share your your work in progress via email:

spring cleaning assignment

about this time every year the air begins to change and an energetic shift becomes more noticeable.  daylight lasts longer, birds chirp more brightly, and the flowers begin to poke their little heads out of the earth.  somewhere in a dark cave, a bear is rubbing his eyes and yawning a great big gigantic yawn of awakening.


spring is a time of rebirth and renewal.  a fresh start.  a clean slate.  a clearing away of the old and a shedding of the unnecessary.


this week adventureclubinteractive invites you to participate in spring cleaning and spring cleansing!  allow yourself to let go of somethings that you no longer need in order to make space for new beginnings.  clear the clutter off of your bed or desk, donate your unused clothes and items.  this may be the perfect time to release old habits that are holding you back.  quit eating junk food or smoking.  begin a daily meditation practice  or participate in a juice cleanse for a few days to recharge your system.


document your cleaning/cleansing experiences and share them with us!  include images/video/testimonials and remember to submit your masterpieces for the adventureclubinteractive weekly assignment via email by sunday april 7th:

door of relief. by- adventureclubviral

treatment doors


this door photograph makes me think of tired expressions like “opening new doors in your life” and “get help” and “treatment works.” the fact is that we are often too busy or bothered to open the doors, through which we would find relief. we are too caught up battling the small pests, the symptoms, the little things, the annoyances. so here is to finding some place of peace (through a minivan door?) where such problems- that do not serve us- cannot pass with us.


daily prompt: idyllic

idyllic community 2my ideal community may not look perfect in a snapshot taken after a monsoon. but the people in my ideal community know how to play in the rain.

my ideal community is where the land is lush and plentiful. there is humidity and sunshine, water and rich soil. members of the community want for little. they live their lives for each other. everything else is on the periphery of their priorities.


the doors assignment.

door construction 4

the doors assignment:

photograph unusual, exceptional, odd and interesting doors. submit your most creative door photography throughout the week via email: please title your door photography and feel free to add a description about your interpretative photo. submissions will be accepted through sunday, march 31st.

consider the synonymous:

entrance. exit. outlet. pathway. gateway. screen. closure. portal. casement. hatch. escape.

consider the associations:

door to door. outdoors. cellar door. doorknob. trapdoor. doorbell. doorjamb. sliding door. open door policy. door key. doorstep. secret door. screen door. locked door.

consider the meanings:

behind every door there is an adventure. as one door opens another door closes. get your foot in the door. in through the out door. show him the door. slam the door in his face!

daily prompt: competition

chess competition copy

in (alternative) regards to the daily prompt, i have decided to respond that chess is the form of competition that does NOT really bring out my competitive streak. competition involves striving for an achievement, a goal, a victory. fundamentally too, competition involves a rivalry.

for me, there is no better rival than my own self. and don’t get me wrong: i love team sports and interactive games, tournaments and head to head matches. no less do i enjoy activities involving prize or profit. i step naturally with the strive to win and the will to compete.

the thing is i like chess. i don’t like playing it with myself. chess is humbling as it is frustrating. it does not bring out a fierce competitive streak in me because it is virtually impossible to achieve chess, to master chess… to accomplish chess. you can play endlessly you can improve and progress personally. you can get better at beating other people.

vision board project- dreams

vision board dream

you had a dream.

wake up.

a dream becomes a vision.

a vision becomes an idea.

an idea becomes a plan.

a plan becomes a project.

a project becomes a masterpiece.

adventure is the process of turning dreams into masterpieces!


as the end of the assignment week approaches, adventureclubinteractive encourages you to share- any piece of your vision board project pie- any morsel of your masterpiece- with the greater, wider, viral world. please submit anything regarding the vision board project– thoughts, comments or questions via email: