yoga impromptwo


yoga impromptwo assignment

it’s true you that can do plenty of things with just you.  yoga is personal journey inward yes, but this assignment is all about spontaneous collaboration. it is imprompTWO!  so find a yoga buddy and join us for the yoga impromptwo assignment!

what you need:

  • a yoga buddy
  • a cell phone with camera capacities
  • a free spirit!


  • this is a daily assignment.
  • each day at a random and unscheduled time each yoga buddy will text the other the name of a yoga pose.
  • the text recipient must perform the assigned/texted pose as soon as possible!  if you’re in line at the supermarket, pose!
  • document your impromptwo pose with your camera phone.  ask the person ahead of you in line to snap a shot.  be brave!

share with us!  send you shots to