INspect-acles exam

although, i failed the INspect-acles exam, i found a new respect for the naked eye.

at first, the prospect of wearing glasses for an entire week sounded thrilling and fun!  glasses are cute!  i admit i already had two pairs of “pretend glasses” in my possession because glasses are fun and can be transformative, but by the end of the week i concluded that glasses can be fun…sometimes.  quite frankly they are a bit of a pain…

there’s glass between us!

although i could see through the clear glass/plastic window within my pale pink cat eye librarian frames adorned with rhinestones, it was a barrier between my eyes and the world.  i wasn’t looking at, i was looking through-and that through was frequently smudged with fingerprints and who knows what else that made my view cloudy and dirty and in need of perpetual cleaning.


i did not wear my glasses out around town as much as i should have.  honestly, i was a little concerned with what people would think…but that is a poor excuse because my glasses were very stylish-and even if they weren’t, the adventurous thing would have been to wear my spectacles with pride!  i worried that the glasses wearing population would be offended by my unnecessary accessory, and that little fear prevented me from completely embracing the INspect-acles exam.  i am grateful that i do not need to wear glasses everyday.  i like the freedom of an undecorated face.  sunglasses are hard enough for me to keep track of, let alone juggling two different pair!


while explaining this week’s assignment to a friend, she informed me that our eyes are like any other muscles in our bodies, the eyes need exercise.  her eye doctor recommended printing out an eye exam chart and reading it every day for eye strengthening.  this makes complete sense to me and i intend to print out an eye chart and start practicing for preventative measures…i have also heard many people describe prescription reduction with regular application of certain essential oils around their eye bone.  whatever you do take care of your eyes and take care of your body!  it’s the only one you get…