hunt for the holidays assignment

adventureclub + the holidays =

holiday star hanging

… a holiday inspired photo scavenger hunt, of course!

the assignment:

brainstorm. be adventurous. scavenge for items. be creative. photograph items. submit your pictures.

view your holiday hunts on at the end of the assignment week!

the hunt:

1. “have you been naughty or nice?”

2. “true spirit”

3. “the frazzled shopper”

4.” elf sized”

5. “merry versus mary”

6. “cherry red nose”

7. “the elephant that isn’t white”

8. “stocking suffers”

9. “the art of gift wrap”

10. “the bowl of jelly”

11. “unwilling but festive pets”

12. “holiday tricks “


please submit your holiday scavenger hunt photos via email: