blank canvas I. by- adventureclubviral


for the adventureclubinteractive blank canvas assignment i have chosen two works.

-the first work will be to make something of a canvas board that i painted turquoise at least six months ago. obvious- to those that know me- i don’t draw, doodle, paint, or picture things visually very well. i do have a nice assortment of oil paints, acrylics, crayons, markers, brushes, materials galore. this work will definitely challenge me to make use of my art supplies stash. also- but maybe less obvious to those that know me- perfectionist tendencies tend to smother my commitment to starting and finishing things. case in point- the turquoise canvas has remained for so long- a turquoise canvas with faint pencil erase marks everywhere- because i have been reluctant to decide exactly what i want to do with it, reluctant to just to go for it, reluctant to take on the work.

-the second work involves a hole in the corner of a small fence that separates a portion of my backyard from my vegetable garden. this unfinished fence haunts me before bed at night, and interrupts my garden day dreams. it’s an eyesore and an annoyance. it’s just a hole needing to be covered but a hole that sits above uneven, hard packed soil, spider infested, weed-choked old cinder blocks- and frankly i’m scared of the space. but i will work on it this week, gloved and probably armed (with RAID). what i will do to cover it will be an adventure in gardening resourcefulness and bravery.


12:38 friday. by- adventureclubviral

same time different day friday


12:38- friday afternoon: i had just unloaded my backpack of new library books and was beginning to flip through them. it’s a very obsessive routine for me when i get new books, borrowed or bought- i will flip through each book, cover to cover, pausing only to read the names of chapters or glance at a picture or two. i will not allow myself to do more than browse. then i will stack them in order of how i would like to read them. today at the library i was in a coffee table book sort of mood. from 12:38 on i have much to peruse about gardening, yoga, diy body care recipes, travel through the middle east and central america and an older version of photoshop than the one i have.