back from the future, page 410.

Encyclopedia Adventurrica 2064.
Page 410- Based on the best-selling novel, The Devil’s Diagnosis by Sonny Kidlat- the Seven Deadly Dolls hit the shelves in toy stores across America, March 2018. The adult novel, first published in 2017, sparked initial controversy among religious conservatives, scholars, and literature junkies alike. Kidlat suggests that the material world in which humanity dwells must be reconciled with the dogma of organized religion, and that the seven deadly sins are fundamental, God-given urges and attributes of human nature that are neither wrong nor right.  The Seven Deadly Dolls– sold as a complete set or individually- were intended for an audience of young girls.  In December 2018, the Mattel company- already the largest global toy maker- was forced to outsource production ever further to keep up with demand, introduced a second edition of the dolls, and further arrested the audience of teenagers, adults, and collectors. The Seven Deadly Dolls made history as the hottest holiday gift for a consecutive 12 years thereafter, introducing 12 editions each December.
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back from the future, WW2000.

Encyclopedia Adventurrica 2064.
page 328
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photo of ” WW2000″
Beginning in the spring of 2064, all new cars manufactured were required, by law, to come equipped with the WW2000.  While these multifunctional modern wipers do bear slight resemblance to their predecessors the dating back to the early 1900’s, the WW2000’s operate as a gateway to the universe.  This marvel of modern science allows for gps navigation, connection to global satellites and instant windshield de-icing.   The WW2000 also act as dowsing rods for water divination and can  be activated to shoot down various space debris from the sky.
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back from the future, page 635.

Encyclopedia Adventurrica 2064.
Page 635 – On May, 9th, 2034, McDonald’s shut its doors forever. The last Big Mac’s were served till midnight in the few remaining outposts across the globe- franchises in Germany, France, Romania, Bulgaria and South Africa. The company’s decline began with the outbreak of  the McDx-1 virus in 2016 (see Ronald’s Fever. Page 1122.) McDonald’s was forced to close over 10,000 corporate and affiliate locations  in the first year of the fever. By 2020, “golden arches” could only be found in 18 countries (down from 120 countries in 2016).
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back from the future, pages 721, 1948. by- nokneecap

Encyclopedia Adventurrica 2064.
Page 721 – GLIB Phone app: The most successful phone app in the year 2063 when over a billion subscribers played the game.  Developers in their orbiting satellite headquarters say they earn $1.4 billion each day with subscription rate of $300 in cashless cyber coupons.
Encyclopedia Adventurrica 2064.
Page 1948 – The Back to the Future movie early in the millennium was voted one of the best movies ever.
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back from the future assignment

the encyclopedia adventurrica

the scenario.

you are pacing the length of a long bookshelf. the spines beckon you- in their inanimate ways- from their shelves.
you aren’t looking for any particular title. with mysterious  casualty, you reach for a tall red spine…
The Encyclopedia Adventurrica 2064 .
you rub your eyes. you laugh quietly. you replace the book on its shelf. you pace around. your palms sweat. you roll your eyes at yourself. you gravitate back to the shelf. you remove the book. and with it, you walk away.

you now posses an encyclopedia from fifty years the future. the format is consistent with encyclopedias of the present tense. it is alphabetical. it contains images and general descriptions about familiar things.
but it is the unfamiliar and the mysterious that makes you hide the book under your bed at night.
unrecognizable inventions. unfamiliar faces. unusual landscapes. grand events linked to peculiar facts and new personalities. oddities and absurdities. the awesome, the beautiful and the curiosity that is the future.

the assignment.

  • “read” (brainstorm) about objects, places, characters and occasions from The Encyclopedia Adventurrica 2064
  • “photocopy” (take interpretive photographs of the future) images from The Encyclopedia Adventurrica 2064
  • “summarize” (describe imaginatively) each image. speculate. be creative. be convincing. retell the future.
  • “share” at least one photo + summary from The Encyclopedia Adventurrica 2064  each day this week
  • “submit” your photos + summaries via email: