common thread: suspended. by- adventureclubviral


suspended lights. after all, when the sun goes out we must keep going…


organized suspension. put it away by hanging it up. suspending things saves space.


suspended existence. hold on to whatever you can i suppose.


provocation of the day – dropping the ball


we’ve all done it. whether it is a habit of yours or a behavior you frequently find in others, dropping the ball is annoying and can have serious consequences.

take a moment to reflect and write about “dropping the ball”. why does it happen? why do you let it it? who is to blame? what is a solution?

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bucket list. by- theStephALA

bucket list

i wrote this list in my journal a few years ago, way back in 2010, and have decided to share it in it’s entirety as it is mostly still accurate in terms of things that i would, in fact, like to learn…

  • ayurveda
  • sign language
  • how to play the harmonica
  • tai chi
  • massage
  • aerial hoop
  • how to cook most things
  • sanskrit
  • chanting
  • meditation
  • how to play the harp very well
  • how to play the guitar reasonably well
  • knit
  • solder (jewelry)
  • record & mix music
  • skateboard
  • yoga
  • painting
  • photography
  • essential oils
  • palmistry
  • more french
  • latin
  • economics
  • politics
  • serious first aid & cpr
  • to do my own taxes

same time different day 11/12 – by theStephALA



i rushed outside at 11:12 am, disregarding my attire (pajamas).  who cares what the neighbors think, i will get dressed and ready for the day soon, but first adventure club assignments!  at 11:12 it was still cold, cold enough for an icicle to remain dangling from my wind chime like an additional tinkling bell hanging from a wire star.  i gave it a jingle myself and retreated inside for warmth.