winning the lottery #2: shoes. by- theStephALA

i know it is a complete cliche for a girl to write about her love of shoes.  i can’t help it.  i really do. love. shoes.

i live in a place where most of the most beautiful shoes that i own are highly impractical.  the style of dress is casual, western, mountainous.  the winter is long, the spring is mud, the summer is fleeting and the fall is non-existant.  i have boots, glorious boots!…but too beautiful to wear in the snow..and so many pairs of heels that i am afraid to count them.  do i wear them?  outside? honestly?  no.  but i do admire them every single day and sometimes i put them on and prance around the house.  nevertheless, when i win the lottery i will continue to buy:  shoes.

sadly (embarrassingly), i’m running out of room.  when i win the lottery, not only will i be able to buy all of the shoes that strike my fancy, i will build myself a custom shoe closet to showcase all of my collected masterpieces with room to spare!


this is one of my favorite pairs…

now you might be thinking… how petty!  how pathetic!  yes, i know it is.  people have real problems.  but we’re speculating about the lottery so there you go!  why not speculate in a spectacular fashion!?

just for fun…


winning the lottery #1. by- adventureclubviral

lottery- golf swing

golf is one of those sports that looks down its nose at you.
golf lives in country clubs and collects rent in memberships. golf likes to be associated with terms like high class, exclusive, executive, private and famous. golf demands course etiquette, collared shirts, special balls and specialty clubs. in return, golf will punish the amateur and puzzle the professional. golf welcomes the ladies and the gentlemen but it prefers the rich and the wealthy.

i learned to play golf when i was young and flexible, innocent and careless. i learned the sport with the tunnel vision of a child. in other words, the pretentiousness of golf was never a primary impression. as an adult, i realize how lucky i was to have escaped the impressions that you need to have the latest this and the newest that to be any good. at the same time, i realize how unfair it is that i have played a long time and never afforded myself any fancy fairway irons, a pricey putter or the cutting edge technology in tees.

when i win the lottery i will buy myself all the golf gear that is supposed to make you good. since i consider myself already a little bit good then all the gear that is supposed to make you good- will in fact- make me great.

when i win the lottery and have backyards big enough, i will landscape my own driving range. included would be my own machine that dispenses Titleist 1 balls in perfect proportions of small and large buckets.

when i win the lottery i will buy my dad all the golf gear that is supposed to make you good as well as a golf course of his own somewhere near seattle. i will buy him a second home near an eighteenth tee in california, a third home near a first hole in south carolina, a fourth home near a clubhouse in arizona, a fifth home next to a tee box in las vegas- all on famous, private, executive, exclusive golf courses near all of his daughters across the country. and i will say thank you for teaching me to play golf.


winning the lottery #1. by- theStephALA

when i win the lottery, not if, but when, (i’m putting it out there into the universe), i will hire a private chef to cook all of my meals.  i like to eat healthy and clean, but that takes a lot of time and effort, sadly usually more time and effort than i am willing to put in…

when i hire my private chef i will be able to eat my raw + vegan + gluten free + soy free diet to my hearts content, without having to slave over my dehydrator and vitamix.  just think of what i will be able to do with all of my extra time!!!  instead of washing endless amounts of fruits and vegetables i’ll be painting with my watercolors.  instead of chopping pounds of apples, carrots and ginger to make one cup of juice i’ll be reading a book or maybe enjoying a self yoga practice.  instead of waiting overnight for my raw “cheese” to do whatever it needs to do to become “cheese”,  i’ll have my personal chef always keep raw cheese on hand! (or at least run to the nearest raw food restaurant and bring home a pizza…)

oh, the freedom that would come with a personal chef!  the time, the dietary control…i can taste it!



this is what i ate for dinner tonight.  i really don’t know how to cook much else, although i did attempt to make a kale and quinoa salad this evening, but it didn’t turn out so well.

personal chef, where are you?

vision board project- dreams

vision board dream

you had a dream.

wake up.

a dream becomes a vision.

a vision becomes an idea.

an idea becomes a plan.

a plan becomes a project.

a project becomes a masterpiece.

adventure is the process of turning dreams into masterpieces!


as the end of the assignment week approaches, adventureclubinteractive encourages you to share- any piece of your vision board project pie- any morsel of your masterpiece- with the greater, wider, viral world. please submit anything regarding the vision board project– thoughts, comments or questions via email:



waking life- childlike. by- adventureclubviral


this is a picture of a picture. i thumb across it from time to time in my adult life, as i pack up and move from place to place. for the last several years it has earned somewhat of a decorative position in my home office space.

this is a picture of me when i was young. my dad would come home at 5:15 everyday and often bring home a stack of computer paper- the kind with the strip of holes attached to the sides- the kind that was one long sheet until you tore along the serrated edges to make individual sheets…  i wish paper thrilled me as much as it did back then (and to my dad if you are reading this- 5:15 was always the best part of the day when you came home and better still when you brought paper)

two things inspired me to take a picture of a picture for this assignment.

#1- what is it about our dreams as children? children dream of being astronauts and scientists, heroes and presidents. such precious innocence we have as children- to believe ourselves to be capable of anything. and thats what dreams are for… being anything. i don’t remember when i decided i wanted to be a writer. when this picture was taken of me i did not want to be a writer. but i wrote every day. i scribbled on yards upon miles of that gifted, delivered paper. later i filled journals- wrote novels about gymnastics and dinosaurs, ponies and spiders… so my point is that i didn’t necessarily have dreams of who i wanted to be back then- but i was strangely living up to the ones i have now. i was able write furiously with effortless intention. and so on.

#2- my sister sent me some beautiful photos of her children. it is like being given candy (or for the sake of this writing- it is like being given…paper) you get some and you want more. unfortunately i watch them grow up too much through pictures, between visits. i ask my sister too much about her girls when i wish i could just ask them myself. but my point is this. if we couldn’t capture these things- through photographs, letters, by telephone… they would get lost. so i learn to take memories when i can get them and keep them. so when my nieces grow up to be (or forget to be- it doesn’t matter) ballerinas and aerialists, i can give them a picture of themselves from long ago- flying high on a swing or on pointed toes… and maybe it will matter to them in some way at some point. and so on.

waking life- kissing. by- adventureclubviral


as midnight came and the year went, i got to stand above the decorated folks of the city. from a bell tower balcony i captured as many kisses as the camera phone would zoom in on. this photograph was taken with haste as i was on my own sort of clock at the moment… in other words i am sure that i was not being paid to take pictures of lip lock. 

i love that i brought in the new year with a picture. in terms of waking life, this picture represents an ambiguous, encompassing, time lapse sort of dream of my own. in 2012, i picked up a digital camera and picked out a new friend. to this year i continue to be inspired by both, have found a platform on which i share my pictures and am held to commitments of taking them. i don’t believe in personal resolutions but if i have a dream for 2013, it has something to do with the fact that the first thing i did this year was inspired by and inspiration for… my adventure club.

waking life assignment


this assignment is about the space between your typical day and the diversity of your dreams.

this assignment is about the reality of not being awake.

this assignment is about the impossible. waking up your dreams. bringing them to life.

adventureclubinteractive is proud to present the last assignment of the year. the waking life assignment encourages you to share your dreams with the viral world. express them organically. fall asleep and dream something. or stay awake and dream something up. take a picture of it. write about it. do something with it and submit it…

how exactly do you blog a dream? 

adventureclubinteractive is curious to know what adventure seekers out there come up with. like dreams themselves, this assignment has few rules. perhaps it will inspire you to dust off that “dream journal” at your bedside- write down everything that you can recall to mind, first thing in the morning. perhaps it will take you on a photographic journey- day after day- looking for realistic connections between your unawake life and your waking one.  perhaps you will finally master that editing program on your computer or download a new one for your camera phone- turning point blank pictures into blurry, dreamy, altered, artistic photography.

contribute to the collective consciousness! you and your submission may be chosen as the featured seeker of the week on adventureclubinteractive!

please submit all completed masterpieces daily or in totality by sunday january 6 via email: