red brick and warehouses. by- theStephALA

doors3red brick arched doorways remind me of the east coast.


large warehouse doors can be terrifying.


door of relief. by- adventureclubviral

treatment doors


this door photograph makes me think of tired expressions like “opening new doors in your life” and “get help” and “treatment works.” the fact is that we are often too busy or bothered to open the doors, through which we would find relief. we are too caught up battling the small pests, the symptoms, the little things, the annoyances. so here is to finding some place of peace (through a minivan door?) where such problems- that do not serve us- cannot pass with us.


three doors. by- theStephALA

doors1these three doors guard secrets from a distant time.  arched brick entryways and wooden slats evoke the feeling of heavy woolen clothes, letters sealed with wax and a large black rat or two.  what lies behind these doors?  perform the secret knock to gain admittance or slip a handsome bribe under the door.  if he is in a generous mood, the gatekeeper will let you pass by.  if not, beware your neck and your pocketbook.

3-D doors. by- adventureclubviral

doors 3D glasses 2


photograph of your not-so-ordinary pair of glasses. rather- a pair of doors. with the right 3-D television (filled with scenes of hobbits and dwarves in this case) this pair of doors opens eyes, better to see things jump forth, fly by and float across the field of vision. the flat forms on the flattest of screens of the most high-defintion technology become texturized, almost tangible and seemingly touchable through these doors. the experience of 3-D gives pause to the palate, just enough to drop your chopsticks off.