waldo is dating. by- adventureclubviral


[excerpt of an interview]

i don’t feel so alone when i pretend she’s real.

what is so awful about being alone that you have to pretend?

being alone is lonely.

so you feel less lonely when you carry around a stuffed dog?

she’s good company. and she’s a lamb.

are you aware of everyone staring at you? 

staring at us. yes ma’am, i sure am.

have you ever considered the company of a real woman?

the likes of me in the dating pool? it sounds like a recipe for a drowning.


have you found waldo?


hey adventure seekers- have you been looking for waldo? adventureclubinteractive saw a waldo sleeping on the streets this morning…

today is the final day of the waldo assignment– to search for a waldo in the world that is dating. take a photo of a stranger in the dating pool, doing something on a date, in need of a good date…. or any other interpretation that your waldo is dating picture inspires. write a brief, creative paragraph about your waldo.

submit via email to adventureclubinteractive@gmail.com and if you found the best waldo you will earn adventureclubinteractive’s featured seeker status on our page.