spare change scavenger hunt assignment.


” i have a bowlful of coins sitting on my bedside table. I do not have a bowlful of dollar bills sitting on my bedside table. obviously. ”
Jacob Goldstein- npr / planet money.

when will the dollar coin replace the dollar bill?

the issue remains at large- years after senators introduced legislation that would stimulate the circulation of dollar coins.
the government is exhausting all options to save money- by making more money, of course…
americans are complaining that change is too heavy to carry around- oh the burden!
environmentalists say that green bills are not so green- the waste generated by trashing old bills is shockingly wasteful…
canadians, australians and europeans all successfully replaced small denomination notes with coins- everyone else is doing it!

who knows? do you care?

this week adventureclubinteractive is celebrating spare change while it still is what it is.
celebrate with us- the dollar coin, the paper bill and the penny!
appreciate, realize, discover and remember all the ways to spend, save, carry and spare- a little change- for a lot of adventure!
hit the town with your camera and the following list. this week’s assignment is a photographic scavenger hunt…

spare change scavenger hunt list: 

  • vending machine
  • sno cone / taffy / bubble gum
  • arcade game
  •  garage sale / yard sale
  • wishing fountain
  •  tip / gratuity
  •  street performer
  •  public fare transportation
  •  parking meter
  •  “spare change” ( adventure seeker’s choice )


please submit your completed spare change masterpieces via email:
we look forward to sharing your work on our blog for public view!

adventureclub(interactive) is…for the sake of it

side by side photographs summarizing the recent adventureclub photo exchange.
-adventureclubviral received theStephALA’s photo series in the mail.
-theStephALA received adventureclubviral’s photo series in the mail. 


so many times, i have stopped to consider the phrase- art for the sake of art.
i have heard it, spoken it, read it, written it. i have thought of it…countless times.
maybe it is tired, but for me it is always true.
so the philosophy implies- art has an inherent value. art is invaluable.
art is in and of itself. it has no function apart from (the maintenance of) its own existence.
in other words- it serves no constructive purpose.
sometimes the philosophy sounds like an excuse- an artist explaining away the point of doing something of no utilitarian purpose. or a validation- that no reason or purpose is necessary to justify their work. art for the sake of art.
so hey people of the hard working world: perhaps your tie is too tight. maybe your gray hairs are too many. whether your bank account is low or your to do list too long…
maybe you are more exhausted than the old saying… art for the sake of art.
so maybe something for the sake of something is less an excuse and more a respite.
you wouldn’t even have to call it art.


so what is adventureclub(interactive)?
it is finding adventure for the sake of being adventurous. it is being in a club for the sake of belonging. it is creative writing, reading, amateur photography, aromatherapy, inspiration and organization.
it is for the sake of itself.
true it has given me something to do just to have something to do.
but it never gets tired because at the end of the day i have something to show for and someone to share it with.
receiving the printed photos from theStephALA in the mail and knowing that she received mine was the satisfaction- the sake- of completing something artful and having someone appreciate it.


visual thesaurus part II – quarantine

quarantine /ˈkwôrənˌtēn/

noun- the state, period or place of isolation in which one is placed (usually in reference to exposure to infection or disease.)


visualize. participate. share.
take three photographs representing antonyms of quarantine.

view details of the visual thesaurus assignment part II