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SONY DSCHeadline: Pope Resigns, The Bible premiers on History Channel, and other News on Religion. by- nony

They bring to mind the late Carl Sagan’s book,”Broca’s Brain”, wherein a 19th century surgeon collected and studied cadaver brains hoping to understand human behavior. It appears that the human brain is an amalgamation of human experiences during the evolutionary process. In other words, babies are not born with a blank slate, but with the proclivities hardwired in the brain from “knowledge” gained by ancestors from time immemorial. Otherwise, newborns will not have the capacity to learn language as an example.

This may explain why humans are attracted to religion despite progress in science answering most questions formerly answered with superstition. In the quest for survival, humans relied not on brawn but mostly on exploration using questions and answers. Unsolved mysteries are answered by a superhuman in the God catalog. This answer has become part of the “knowledge” bank passed on through generations and become part of Broca’s Brain.

Carl Sagan offered an explanation for near-death experiences and religion to one common human experience: Birth.


current events: spotlight on religion

catholic church philippines tuesday headlines- RELIGION 

religion may pertain to a collection of beliefs or practices. religion might be understood as a community effort to identify with shared beliefs, rites and practices. ancient traditions, items as totems and the worship of gods may be included in some definition of religion. or maybe religion is about personal convictions, enlightenment, rights and the spirit of inquiry. no matter your perception of one of the most pervasive, permeable issues in the history of humans- read something contemporary about it. write about it. share it via email:

pay attention to the present. invite your awareness to the wider world. catch up with the current of events. view details about the current events assignment.

current events: spotlight on the rich and the famous

current events- rich and famous

 monday headlines- THE RICH AND THE FAMOUS

browse your sources of news and aim to investigate the rich or the famous. maybe you catch up on the tabloids, the hollywood stars or financial scandals. maybe you pick up a copy of Fortune magazine and take notes on a how to get rich quick article. maybe you read a feature in a foreign newspaper about a famous leader and you reconsider famous to mean little more than notorious and that to be rich comes from being corrupt.

pay attention to the present. invite your awareness to the wider world. catch up with the current of events. view details about the current events assignment.

assignment: current events

the current events assignment

the news of the world is incessant- bold headlines from page one, or just in on the six o’clock television. up to date coverage– lighting up the computer screens, tablet screens, or the smartest phone screens. breaking stories– filling mailboxes, flooding inboxes, finding ways into magazines, or becoming the stuff of books. hot off the press– giving the fire to the kindle and the beat to the beat boxes…

 what headlines are you hearing and what do you think? what is important and worth the ink? how much is fluff? what is true? what sources do you turn to? are you out of touch or do you know too much? why should you bother to or why are you not… paying attention?

this week, adventureclubinteractive assigns you to pay attention to the headlines and express your opinions on the current events of the world! each day we will suggest a new category. find an article based on the respective category in your local or national, foreign or international, newspaper or magazine, online journal or publication. use any source- as long as it is current to date.  read the article and write a reflection. maybe it is an opinion piece. maybe a rebuttal. maybe you write a letter to the editor sort of response. feel free to come up with a different style, entirely your own.

maybe you are a news junkie or a creature of habit- so use this assignment as an opportunity to try reading from (gulp!) new sources this week. or for those noses that travel no farther than one section of the newspaper, let the adventure be in reading a new section for a week. your opinions may surprise you and we can’t wait to hear them!


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