culinary adventure- raw banana cassia (cayenne) ice cream. by- theStephALA

raw banana cassia (cayenne) ice cream

i don’t spend much time in the kitchen.  i do enjoy browsing books full of various recipes (i especially enjoy perusing the raw and vegan variety) but i seldom ever follow an actual recipe.  usually it seems like an awful lot of trouble.  this evening, inspired by adventureclubinteractive’s culinary adventure assignment, i decided to make raw banana cassia (cayenne) ice cream by trial and error.

i’ve made raw banana ice cream in the past.  usually i just blend up a few frozen bananas with a touch of honey.  sometimes i’ll add a spoonful of almond butter to make my treat feel more decadent.  tonight i was determined to add an essential oil to my usual routine. after much brainstorming…(cinnamon, lemon, basil, orange….) i decide to use cassia.

cassia essential oil smells and tastes similar to cinnamon because they both come from very similar plants. cassia is the oils of “self assurance” and brings courage to the heart and soul.  in addition to it’s emotional benefits, cassia is antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral.  it also tastes sweet and delicious.


1 cup almond milk/coconut milk
2 frozen bananas
1 spoonful of honey
3-5 drops cassia essential oil
a tiny shake of cayenne pepper (optional-but adds a lovely kick!)

after you’ve gathered your ingredients, the next steps are fairly straightforward:

combine almond milk, frozen bananas and spoonful of honey in your blender and mix to your desired consistency and sweetness.  you may need to add a few ice cubes here and there.

add 3-5 drops of cassia essential oil and a dash of cayenne pepper.

mix again. and voila!  raw banana cassia cayenne ice cream!

banana cassia ice cream 5yum.



culinary adventure- wild orange lemonade. by- theStephALA

i’ve been away from home for the past three days, staying at a huge log cabin up in the mountains with about 90 other people-hence the enormous container full of lemonade.  inspired by the adventureclubinteractive culinary adventure assignment, i decided to document “the doctoring of the lemonade”!

don’t let the horrified look on this man’s face fool you, it was actually his idea to put drops of wild orange essential oil in the lemonade, and it was completely and totally delicious!  considering the massive quantity of lemonade, we added about 15-20 drops of essential oil.  for smaller quantities i’m sure around 5 drops would be plenty.

wild orange is a perfect match for our childhood favorite, lemonade, because wild orange helps us to reconnect to our inner child and bring play back into life.  wild orange is a very powerful mood and energy enhancer and also helps with digestion.  it smells like happiness and tastes divine!

try adding some to your lemonade or beverage of choice!  but caution, not all essential oils are created equal and not all are safe to take internally.  make sure your essential oil bottle says that it is safe for internal usage.

culinary adventure- smoker. by- adventureclubviral

culinary adventure- smoker


i inherited this smoker a couple of months ago. inspired by the adventureclubinteractive culinary adventure assignment i took to cleaning it and placing it next my charcoal barbecue as a reminder to go above and beyond the tired and true methods and aspire to cook with a new technique!

i have no recipe yet to share regarding the use of this smoker.
does anybody have any culinary clues as to how and for what to use this thing?

culinary adventure assignment.

I.S.3-show me what you're working with-SE

adventureclubinteractive wants to know what’s cooking! 

this memorial day 65% of americans will be barbecuing (second place to the fourth of july when 71% of americans will be barbecuing). if you plan to host or attend a memorial day barbecue next monday, there is an 87% chance that hamburgers, steaks, chicken or hot dogs are on the menu. there is almost a 100% chance that corn will be offered as a side dish and that barbecue sauce will be provided.

food is a requisite on holidays, for celebrations, community gatherings and get-togethers. surely we come to expect the traditional dish in accordance with the tradition…
but do you ever just get bored and tired of the barbecue sauce at the barbecue?

this week, adventureclubinteractive would like you to share recipes, techniques, and tips that wouldn’t typically make the statistics. recipes that are adventurous, ingredients that are exotic, combinations that are unusual, and preparations that are daring…
feel free to document your culinary endeavors in any format (written summary, photos, videos, do-it-yourself instructions, etc.) but please include a recipe for each submission!

culinary adventure assignment ideas:

  • choose a bizarre ingredient to substitute or add to an old favorite recipe.
    maybe incorporate a bizarre ingredient in multiple recipes throughout the week!
  • attempt to prepare food with an appliance or kitchen tool you are not accustomed to using or that you often neglect. or share unique techniques to use common kitchen items in uncommon ways.
  • forget the statistics. be the outlier. maybe you are attending a barbecue. contribute to the potluck with an outrageous side dish that doesn’t have barbecue sauce. observe the reactions.
  • share a recipe for a timely, laborious, expensive, complex, elegant dish.
    share a recipe that a two year old could attempt to make.
    share a secret recipe. if you don’t know the secret, get in the kitchen and figure it out.

please submit completed assignments by sunday may 26th via email: