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positve energy for sale


For Sale.   (slightly used) Positive Energy Candle.  

The world can be a frightening and dangerous place, which is why I’ve decided to offer up for sale, this slightly used positive energy candle.  I cannot, in good conscience, keep this magical candle all to myself any longer.  Thank goodness I came to my senses before I used the whole thing.

This candle is one of only 108 that were cast during the last festival of Vaitha Vatur Truvah in an ancient temple in Verinag.  In preparation for the festival and the candle casting, the monks of the temple fast for 40 days and 40 nights and only drink water from pure silver chalices bathed in the moonlight.

The wax used in the forging of these sacred candles is no ordinary wax at all.  This is sacred beeswax from the Singing Bees of Luoyang.  Their buzzes buzz in harmony.  Their buzzes buzz with the vibration of the universe.  There have been many well documented cases of the Singing Bees of Luoyang and their terrifying judgements.  Those they deem worthy and pure of heart, the Singing Bees engulf and bless, leaving the recipients stronger, healthier and more spiritually attuned than before.  Those they deem unworthy and dangerous, they engulf and destroy with a thousand stings to the heart.

The creation of these candles is a spiritual and devotional practice.  The monks work in silence under the moonlight, melting the sacred wax in sterling silver pots heated by collected fragments of lightning from previous storms.  They add the finest herbs and oils of the region and infuse the mixture with their prayers.  When the candles have nearly solidified, the most senior monk comes forward and cries a single tear over each candle as an added blessing for the awakening of humanity.

Once completed, the candles journey out of the temple in the clutches of 54 golden eagles who are able to carry one candle in each claw.  The eagles bring the candles to the local village people to distribute after a three night celebration.

Needless to say, this is a powerful instrument of energetic cleansing and healing.  In my meager attempt to give back to humanity, I offer up for sale, the remains of this magical candle to you, dear reader of this advertisement, with the hope that you will use this candle for good and spread love, light and healing wherever you go.


for sale …

love letter writer-1

Love Letter Writers 

We are a group of independent artists with professional experience in calligraphy, creative writing and developing personal relationships.

We work directly with our clients to create correspondences that are artistic, impressionable and meaningful. Our mission is to facilitate the exchange of love through letters. We weave your feelings into words and make your messages memorable.

love letter writer-2

We offer a variety of services to meet your specific needs for love letters. All new clients receive a free initial consultation with one of our talented artists. Please browse the menu below to see our current packages and promotions and to contact and schedule an appointment today!

love letter writer-3


ΔΔΔ  Artist Anonymous Package  ΔΔΔ

the ultimate choice for lovers that don’t have time for love!
Let your artist do it all! She will receive, read and respond to all your correspondences! Trust a professional to manage your incoming and outgoing expressions of love. Your artist will initiate love letters on your behalf and reply to responses accordingly. You don’t have to lift a finger to write or bat an eyelash to read!  Monthly consultations included. Touch base with how your love life is being written and received. This package includes an anonymous Post Office Box address, free paper and ink. Hand delivery option is included. Privacy waiver signing due upon purchase. Limit 10 lovers.

 At first I was unsure, but then I really got to know my artist. She started interpreting the letters I got from my boyfriend and helping me compose responses. Eventually the exchange became so frequent, I couldn’t keep up! I let her handle my letters anonymously and my relationship really heated up! Years later, I found out my boyfriend had hired an artist too. Amazingly, our artists had been writing back and forth to each other the whole time! We still laugh about it!  -Trista, Derby, Nebraska.

ΔΔΔ  I Love You Three Times Package  ΔΔΔ

our bestselling package! great for first timers!
Get to know an artist. Divulge the details of your love life and let her write three beautiful calligraphic love letters that express authentically your most intimate feelings. Be confident these letters will be met with a reply. Your artist will provide analysis for each reply letter and consult with you on how to respond appropriately. One initial, plus three consultations included. This package includes free paper and ink. Hand delivery option is included.

ΔΔΔ  Copy and Paste Package  ΔΔΔ

if you have the words already, why not make them look good?
You are a do-it-yourself lover, you’ve already written the letters! After your initial consultation, bring in your completed letters to be transcribed into final products. Bring in up to 5 letters for the transforming and the mailing. Choose your own artist or trust the first available upon drop off. This package includes free paper and ink. Postage stamps included.

My artist is now my lover! -Mac, Ronald Hills, Virginia 

My artist saved my marriage! Once I let her take control of communicating with my often off-shore husband, he made his way out of his affair and back home to me! – Dorothy, Mobile, Alabama


black out poetry


according to deputies,
they discovered a container.
an unconscious business man reported
a dog.
remove him and cut the lock!

$6,000 discovered.
received and

$3,000 missing!

an older male wasn’t the caller.
a man went
a watch.


the rodeo will be the last.
an exciting lineup!
“Babe” will not be disappointed.

purchase online.




black out poetry- new news and poetic opinion

jump ship.

authority undeserved
operates unsuccessfully
joining controversy-
a division
the understudy
the mastermind
the departure-
flouting the lawful
reluctant decisions
the distance between-
decades long
In response
flames fanned
echoing Ultimately
Civic oversight
saying everything is A-OK-
transparency, agreement, discretion, compliance
the reality-
a binding advocacy
benchmarks, benefits, efforts-
quickly buried
pressure from officials
community, leadership, public, groups
true targets
with think tank needs
lacking approach
entrenched in their views-
a bitter battle


umbrellas surround
separation reflects
The little things
No-brainer things
the ah-heck-inferiority-complex
blindfolded, undisclosed
secured projection
of statuesque perfection
riveting, incessant
warned of delight
of daydream, of apparition
a hand, a wand
the spin, the sugar
the jokes, the turquoise giggle
The Big Worry
The Big Budget Fairy
freezes, winks
The Big Worry Theory?
love breezy
victory overwhelmingly sleepy
messy, magical, nonsensical
emotional, professional
folks bent on special-
blank stares-
trembles, shuddering, triggers
unaware, uncharacteristically built
of gold glitter
over time

poetry by courtney capellan. highlighted (blacked out) from San Diego CityBeat, April 29, 2015. UpFront / News page 6 and UpFront / Opinion page 7.

adventure noir- a fictional retelling of CASE I.D: suite+case7329

submission for the adventureclubinteractive adventure noir assignment. by- theStephALA

my day started off in the usual fashion.  alarm.  snooze.  alarm.  snooze.  after another 30 min i reluctantly rolled myself out of bed and went to grab a cup of coffee at the local diner a block away from my apartment.  bev greeted me at the door with a coffee, a scowl and a slice of crumb cake.

“i didn’t think you’d be back here after last night.  i was kind of hoping you’d never set foot in this joint again.”  she said through clenched teeth.

“yeah well, what can i tell you babe?”

“you just don’t know when to quit.”  she slammed the crumb cake down in front of me and nearly tipped my coffee cup in my lap.

“well, whatta ya got for me today bev?”  i asked through my bites.  she eyed me cautiously.  i knew she had something good but didn’t want to spill it too soon.  last night had been quite a night for us all and neither she nor i wanted to push our luck…

“remember mabel from two blocks down?”  bev asked.  i nodded.  “well, she’s taken to painting.  when she started it wasn’t very exciting, no one cared, i didn’t care, suddenly she is in high demand, literally high.  it’s fishy, it just doesn’t feel right….”

“what do you mean fishy?”  i asked, finishing my coffee with a large gulp.

“it just doesn’t feel right…”

“what do i owe ya?”

“you don’t know by now?”

i looked up at bev with a sly smile and headed out the door.

two blocks down from the restaurant i saw what she was talking about.

photo 1

this was definitely not the mabel i knew.  something was fishy all right.  why the get up?  why the pedestal?  what was she after?  i started sniffing around but almost instantly two guys were on my tail.

photo 3

they came out of nowhere and gained on me fast.  i walked faster, they walked faster.  i turned left, they turned left.  i stopped at a street stand and bought a taco, they stopped at a street stand and bought a taco.  i started to sweat and had a feeling that mabel was in serious danger.  these two “gentle”men behind me were not messing around.  i started running back to where mabel had been but instead of her outrageous art display i only found a string of bears.

photo 2

i lost my breath.  “what the hell have you bastards done with mabel?!”  i shouted to the two goons who had never left my tail.  i turned around to face them, fists clenched ready for a fight.  i thought i’d go after the short one first, but before i could lunge at him, the small goon frowned, stepped to the side and pointed directly under his feet.

photo 4

i understood.  i nodded.  so that was that.  i headed back to the diner for more crumb cake.

adventure noir- CASE I.D: suite+case0561

submission for the adventureclubinteractive adventure noir assignment. by- Courtney
2014-09-15 17.27.59Fig. a

Investigating officer: Det. Courtney Noir
Client: Mahone Lincoln, rep. Macon Police Dept.
Incident No.: 06000-145-2015
Case Description: Pent. Suite Fraud

Case I.D.: suite+case0561
Date Filed: 09/20/2015

Investigated daily activity of subject. Employees at 56 Nooks Ave. confirmed that subject frequently visited 56 Nooks Penthouse Suite 14., home of P.O. Pie.
09/10/15: Identified residence of subject by offering local paperboy five dollars to throw newspaper at subject’s head and pretend it was an accident at approx. 5:00. Apologetic paperboy confirmed name and address of subject. Subject seemed angry and tired. Subject remained at residence throughout day. Left residence at approx. 16:30 on foot. Subject moved quickly, carried medium cross body purse, large brown messenger bag that appeared full, also hard-exterior carry-on style suitcase on wheels. (I photographed subject’s reflection- Fig. a) Subject walked approx. 15 min. to 56 Nooks Ave., high-rise  apt. complex, north of subject’s residential neighborhood. Subject was buzzed in. Subject left apt. complex at 23:10 without brown bag and suitcase.
09/11/15: Subject left residence at 14:00 on foot. Followed subject to 56 Nooks Ave. I entered through open window of fitness center. I waited in lobby. Conversation with elevator attendant revealed popular opinion of tenants and neighbors; that subject and P.O Pie were associates but not lovers. Attendant stated the two were rarely seen coming or going together. Approx. 17:00 subject left with P.O. Pie on foot, walked to Snickers Tavern. Subject left tavern at 23:15 alone.
09/12/15: Subject left residence at 15:30, walked to 56 Nooks Ave. Left at 17:00 with suitcase on wheels. Returned home approx. 17:10.
09/13/15: Subject left residence at 12:25 with suitcase. Subject appeared unkempt, wore pajama bottoms and baseball hat. Walked to 56 Nooks. Subject left apt. complex at 16:00 with brown messenger bag over shoulder, apparently heavy but not hard. Contents of bag appeared soft, the shape of bag shifted with subject’s movement. Also had suitcase. Subject seemed very tired, paused many times before returning home at 16:30.
09/14/15: Subject left residence at 12:15 with suitcase. Subject walked to 56 Nooks Ave. Left apt. complex at approx. 16:00 and crossed the street. Subject was not carrying anything. Subject remained across the street, in front of 59 Nooks address. Subject appeared calm and casual but looked around a lot as though waiting.

2014-09-16 17.19.36Fig. b

Approx. 16:30 P.O. Pie exited 56 Nooks with brown messenger bag. (Fig. b) Subject followed him, on foot, behind by approx. one block the whole way. Neither one acknowledged the other. Both arrived at the Mars Bar and Grill within 5 minutes of each other around 17:00. I followed them inside. Subject sat alone at bar top, ordered two draft beers. At 17:45 P.O. Pie sat next to subject and talked without interruption for several hours. (Fig. c) Exited bar together at 22:45, remained outside in conversation for approx. 20 min. Subject walked straight home with brown bag. Bag didn’t appear full.

2014-09-15 21.24.56

Fig. c

09/15/15: Client terminated surveillance.

Dates of Investigation: 09/10/2015 – 09/15/2015
Date Filed: 09/20/2015

It is not conclusive that the subject is involved in fraudulent activities at 56 Nooks Penthouse Suite 14. Surveillance of subject suggests regular contact with P.O. Pie. All witnesses I spoke with agree that subject is a regular visitor at P.O. Pie suite. No witnesses can state with assurance the nature of their relationship. No direct evidence confirms any exchange or delivery of currency involving the subject.
All things taken into account- the regular encounters I observed of subject and P.O Pie, the mostly private nature of their encounters- combined with my suspicion of the repetitive coming and going with particular bags lead me to believe that the subject is involved with P.O. Pie on a level beyond acquaintance. Based on the size of the filled bags I think it is possible that the subject may be carrying a large sum of money in excess of $500,000 on a regular basis.

adventure noir assignment.


i was sitting at my desk minding my own business, trying to stay out of trouble quite frankly, but trouble just has a way of walking through my door.  it’s always been that way really, since as far back as i can remember.  i’ve been on the short end of the stick it seems, trying to do right but always ending up wrong.  today was no different.  it was pouring outside, so hard it started pouring in, and as i mopped off my desk with saturday’s herald i heard someone call my name from across the room.

that sultry voice left me frozen in my tracks.  my pulse raced.  i began to sweat.  she sauntered over in my direction, her heels clicking and clacking against my floor as if she were hammering nails into my coffin.  i felt her behind me, her breath, a burning chill at the back of my neck.  she whispered in my ear…”i’ve got another assignment for you…”

adventure noir assignment:

YOU, dear adventure seeker, are ON assignment this week.  grab your fedora and trench coat and head out into the world “adventure noir” style.  whether you’re “hired” by a melodramatic dame in an attempt to track down her wandering lover, or following your intuition/”hunch” by staking out some various local establishment…uncover a mystery!  eavesdrop on conversations, make observations behind lampposts, say things like “slick” and “babe” and “kid”.  create some fictional drama or uncover some truth and as always, share your adventure noir adventures with us…


did you get my message?

“it began as most origin stories begin, with a miscommunication…”


voicemail.  yet another means to convey important information and communication.  didn’t you listen to my message?

what is your voice mail style?  do you leave a message at all?  are your messages curt with precise instructions to “call me back as soon as you get this” with no further details?  do you prefer to make full use of the “tape” and leave a detailed experience for the listening pleasure of the recipient?  let’s go with the last example.

this week is all about missing calls and leaving messages…not only messages, but elaborate, verbose, communicative, and loquacious narratives that tell a story!

this assignment requires a partner and a phone with a working voicemail.   decide who will go first.


step 1:  partner A calls partner B and leaves a voicemail with the beginning of a story!
partner B can listen to the message one time.  partner B then writes down a transcription of the message.

step 2:  partner B calls partner A and leaves a voicemail with the continuation of the story!
partner A can listen to the message one time.  partner A then writes down a transcription of the message.

repeat each day.

if your partner thwarts your voicemail leaving attempt – if your partner chooses to pick up the phone, enjoy the conversation and see where it takes you!  make no mention of your message attempt.  simply try again later.  be a voicemail ninja.

at the end of the week, come together with your partner and compile your transcriptions into the complete story!

share your adventures with us at !


at the end, a commencement.
commencement assignment-1

Commencement is a beginning and an end. The starting line found at the finish line. A completed circle within a cycle of more circles yet to meet their ends.
I always preferred the word graduation in light of the season. The time of year goes mostly unnoticed by me now, and is significant only because of it’s past- like an anniversary. Looking back on when I was celebrated, when I had graduated- from high school and college, in particular, it’s more a fond memory of accomplishment (graduation) rather than the fixed point of an endeavor (commencement).

Especially in high school, it was all about closing the chapter of something. Too young, too distracted, too caught up in parties or plans for the summer that followed- it’s hard to blame a graduate for not reading ahead the next chapter of the next book (there’s no extra credit for that.) Forgive the graduate (the darling of the present moment) for the season while it lasts but remind him or her that once it’s over (it might be a shock) there’s more to read.

Commencement is a blank page in a big book that will someday read of problems more unsolvable than the ones in a calculus textbook. Of characters far evolved beyond academic honors, achievements and the collective forecasts of their peers. The dude deemed “most likely to be successful” will succeed in being forgotten. A best friend known for her “best smile” will be replaced over and over again as relationships get replaced and as features fall, and wrinkle with age- page after crinkled page.




let us commence!


about this time every year as spring makes it’s inevitable turn into summer, the season of graduation emerges yet again.  out with old, in with the new.  close a door, open a window and open yourself to the limitless possibilities of…your future!!!

graduations are important, or so it seems. they bear a weight and significance to most, perhaps to mothers most of all, but nevertheless, a graduation from and on to…is a notable transition and date to remember.


write your own commencement speech.  address it to your past self with wisdom you know now in the present.  or, address your speech to your present self with an eye on the future.  maybe even try to combine a little of each.

for inspiration…

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