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choices assignment

rearrange the letters in the word adventures and you get evade turnsinspired by the anagram, this week’s assignment is about making choices- evading one turn in favor of another. it’s also about creating new choices-because adventures are often left a little open-ended. choose to participate in this assignment anytime throughout the week- test your courage and creativity!

we’ll start the adventure with a fictional story that will go unfinished and will face a”fork in the road” or the point from which you will make a choice of where to turn (the direction of the story). you’ll pick up with the story, adding on, and ending it at another “crossroads” by presenting another set of options, from which someone else will choose and continue the story along and so on.

stay tuned to the story this week, jump in to make some choices and then create new ones. you are required to submit one photograph that represents the choice you made and at least one paragraph of writing that continues the story along. the writing must end at a crux and at least two choices must be given for the next reader to take and continue the adventure.

please email your choices contributions to and we will post them under your name, as an author in this collective story!


prose assignment

mint typewriter


prose doesn’t usually make it in the published world because prose is a literary outlaw. it lacks the metrical structure of poetry, verse or story. it lacks format. it breaks rules. prose is the lawless stuff of diaries, journals, scribbles and doodles. it’s the stuff that isn’t perfect and needs polish. the tendency is to ignore prose and the trick is to realize its potential.

p(r)ose and position assignment:

prose has no expectations. maybe it serves no purpose.
prose knows no beginning, middle or end.
prose holds no position.
prose can be written without attachment. it exists momentarily and everlastingly.
it holds a timeless pose.
the prose assignment is an adventure in writing and a challenge in incorporating recent photographic assignment themes.

1. compose prose specific to the photography of the past two adventureclubinteractive assignment weeks.

view the pose assignment

view the position assignment

and / or:

2. strike new poses. capture new positions. inspire your photography with captions of prose.


please submit your completed assignments via email:
we look forward to sharing your masterpieces on our blog.

winning the lottery #2: shoes. by- theStephALA

i know it is a complete cliche for a girl to write about her love of shoes.  i can’t help it.  i really do. love. shoes.

i live in a place where most of the most beautiful shoes that i own are highly impractical.  the style of dress is casual, western, mountainous.  the winter is long, the spring is mud, the summer is fleeting and the fall is non-existant.  i have boots, glorious boots!…but too beautiful to wear in the snow..and so many pairs of heels that i am afraid to count them.  do i wear them?  outside? honestly?  no.  but i do admire them every single day and sometimes i put them on and prance around the house.  nevertheless, when i win the lottery i will continue to buy:  shoes.

sadly (embarrassingly), i’m running out of room.  when i win the lottery, not only will i be able to buy all of the shoes that strike my fancy, i will build myself a custom shoe closet to showcase all of my collected masterpieces with room to spare!


this is one of my favorite pairs…

now you might be thinking… how petty!  how pathetic!  yes, i know it is.  people have real problems.  but we’re speculating about the lottery so there you go!  why not speculate in a spectacular fashion!?

just for fun…

winning the lottery #1. by- adventureclubviral

lottery- golf swing

golf is one of those sports that looks down its nose at you.
golf lives in country clubs and collects rent in memberships. golf likes to be associated with terms like high class, exclusive, executive, private and famous. golf demands course etiquette, collared shirts, special balls and specialty clubs. in return, golf will punish the amateur and puzzle the professional. golf welcomes the ladies and the gentlemen but it prefers the rich and the wealthy.

i learned to play golf when i was young and flexible, innocent and careless. i learned the sport with the tunnel vision of a child. in other words, the pretentiousness of golf was never a primary impression. as an adult, i realize how lucky i was to have escaped the impressions that you need to have the latest this and the newest that to be any good. at the same time, i realize how unfair it is that i have played a long time and never afforded myself any fancy fairway irons, a pricey putter or the cutting edge technology in tees.

when i win the lottery i will buy myself all the golf gear that is supposed to make you good. since i consider myself already a little bit good then all the gear that is supposed to make you good- will in fact- make me great.

when i win the lottery and have backyards big enough, i will landscape my own driving range. included would be my own machine that dispenses Titleist 1 balls in perfect proportions of small and large buckets.

when i win the lottery i will buy my dad all the golf gear that is supposed to make you good as well as a golf course of his own somewhere near seattle. i will buy him a second home near an eighteenth tee in california, a third home near a first hole in south carolina, a fourth home near a clubhouse in arizona, a fifth home next to a tee box in las vegas- all on famous, private, executive, exclusive golf courses near all of his daughters across the country. and i will say thank you for teaching me to play golf.


winning the lottery #1. by- theStephALA

when i win the lottery, not if, but when, (i’m putting it out there into the universe), i will hire a private chef to cook all of my meals.  i like to eat healthy and clean, but that takes a lot of time and effort, sadly usually more time and effort than i am willing to put in…

when i hire my private chef i will be able to eat my raw + vegan + gluten free + soy free diet to my hearts content, without having to slave over my dehydrator and vitamix.  just think of what i will be able to do with all of my extra time!!!  instead of washing endless amounts of fruits and vegetables i’ll be painting with my watercolors.  instead of chopping pounds of apples, carrots and ginger to make one cup of juice i’ll be reading a book or maybe enjoying a self yoga practice.  instead of waiting overnight for my raw “cheese” to do whatever it needs to do to become “cheese”,  i’ll have my personal chef always keep raw cheese on hand! (or at least run to the nearest raw food restaurant and bring home a pizza…)

oh, the freedom that would come with a personal chef!  the time, the dietary control…i can taste it!



this is what i ate for dinner tonight.  i really don’t know how to cook much else, although i did attempt to make a kale and quinoa salad this evening, but it didn’t turn out so well.

personal chef, where are you?

the lottery assignment

the jackpot. the pot of gold. the fortune.
the fantasy.

if only” or “only if” then “what would i do when…”
 i win the lottery?

nobody has revealed themselves the winner of that $590 million dollars powerball ticket sold two weeks ago. residents of the small town in florida where the ticket was purchased are anxiously observing their neighbors.
who didn’t come into work on monday or who left on a sudden vacation? is it the case of a forgetful senior citizen and a missing ticket? or is there a waitress, carrying on with routine, while secretly consulting financial advisers and still absorbing the shock of a lifetime?

imagine winning the lottery. imagine a life of unlikely and sudden fortune.
would you remain anonymous, leaving your town to the wondering and whispering?
would you leave town? would you quit your job? would you travel?
would you share with family, friends, strangers, neighbors? would you donate or invest?
what would you purchase in the first hour, the first year and for the rest of your life?

the lottery assignment:

-share in writing. be descriptive, outrageous and imaginative. describe the fantastical, unique, and unbelievable adventures you would have if you won the lottery.

-share with photography. send pictures of the sparkling and dazzling things you could afford. share portraits of those you would share the wealth with. submit pictures that represent adventures you would have if you won the lottery.

-play the lottery this week. as the powerball saying goes, believe in something bigger.


please submit completed assignments via email:

vision board project- relationships

vision board relationships


as your adventureclubinteractive inspired vision board project comes along, it is likely that you have spent so much time envisioning yourself that your mind wanders off and starts visualizing somebody else. so take pictures of that somebody… write, paint, draw, cut, paste, design, create… something… about anybody. express your visions about relationships, connections, friendships, community and family.

stubborn tree. by- adventure seeker- amy


“She comes outside about once a week, usually towing a large weed eater and garden bags.  She putters around the rest of the yard before she lays her sights on me.  Setting the weed eater and other small tools aside, she grunts and curses under her breath as she approaches with thick rubbery gloves.  There is no need for her tools here.  She pulls and yanks frantically at me.  It never works.  My roots are already deep. They are growing under this cold gravel, trying desperately to penetrate the nearby asphalt.  How i came to be she does not know.  Why am i here?   She does not want me, but i am here and i will grow.  I WILL grow!  And her rubbery hands and meager strength are no match for me.” by- amy.