color collage- shades of bamboo

beige color code

the daily shades for color collage assignment

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two yesterdays

sad yesterday

on friday’s yesterday i felt like he looked.


 there are too many yesterdays  no different than their todays.  i have the opportunity to take this photo just about everyday. (don’t we all just observe the same opportunities day after day? [that is if we even bother to acknowledge or observe them at all] and isn’t there something timeless- tragic even- about yesterdays that look the same as tomorrows…

wednesday’s yesterday / do-it-yourself perfume

yesterday i “harvested” a blend of essential oils that i mixed two weeks ago.

  • the mix: 20 drops each of the following essential oils: frankincense, cypress, bergamot and an uplifting blend  (blend of lavandin, tangerine, elemi, lemon myrtle, melissa, ylang ylang, osmanthus, sandalwood)
  • the harvest: after 48 hours – 2 weeks add fractionated coconut oil to the mix to fill a 10mL roll on bottle
  • the result: a perfume of middle notes: bright and grounding, stimulating and balancing

email  for more information about essential oils

(today i wore the perfume and it attracted some attention…)