august sentence exchange

our classic assignment. august edition. photographs due for submission, sunday, august 24.

1.  suddenly i shuddered, stricken with a wave of goose-speed-bumps.

2. before i knew, it was gone like something given.

3. auburn leaves like autumn rain.

4.  you moved like a brand new rocking chair.

5. he dives and leaps as fruit starts to loop.

6.  it’s beginning to look a lot like an emotional rollercoaster.

7.  she can’t keep walking straight, it’s like a U – Turn addiction.

8. it was a terrifying monstrosity, not unlike bleach stains.

9. the pattern is inconsistent and the straight jacket fits more snugly than it should.

10. shy like William the Conqueror.


build yourself assignment.

“You wish to have The curse reversed?
I’ll need a certain Potion first.
Go to the wood and bring me back:
One: the cow as white as milk, 
Two: the cape as red as blood, 
Three: the hair as yellow as corn,
Four: the slipper as pure as gold.”


my skin is the rind of a watermelon…

the world is your mirror and there are reflections of yourself everywhere.


your assignment this week is to find yourself and build yourself out of your surroundings.  see your eyes in a bowl full of blueberries or walnuts.  find you teeth at the piano or your hair in a bale of hay.  capture images of “yourself” and write “why”.  why are your teeth the piano keys?  what makes you see your eyes in a bowl full of walnuts?

pick a focus:  your face, your arm, your circulatory system, or your body as a whole.  build yourself.


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versification-impression assignment (poemography)


poet's tree

poetry can be the most beautiful, the most versatile, the most frightening thing imaginable. poetry is raw, descriptive, rhythmic, succinct…or not.  the tricky thing about poetry is that there are rules, there are broken rules, and then there are also no rules at all.

it’s difficult to force a poem.  you must be ready, listening, watching, observing, actively waiting and inviting the poem to force you.  invite the poem to dinner.  poems never rsvp, they rarely arrive on time but they always at least make a cameo appearance.

assignment:  this week adventureclubinteractive wants you, the adventureseeker, to switch on your poetry brain.  this week’s assignment is a combination of writing and photography.  which came first the chicken or the egg?  such is the assignment.  be ready with open eyes and an open mind.  you may capture a stunning moment in time with an exquisite photograph.  elaborate on this image with verse.  write. a. poem.


perhaps the poem strikes you first-a free flowing iambic pentameter masterpiece dictated from the gods!  then illustrate your verse with an image.  capture the message, the meaning, the feeling with a photograph.

in summation.  poetry + photography = versification-impression (poemography).  at the end of the week you should have one photo and one poem that work together in harmony.

poetry quote emily dickenson


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