adventureclub(interactive) is…creative support.

live, work, create

wouldn’t it be nice if everyone instantly recognized your talent and genius?  every single one of us has exponential strengths and talents and endless potential.  (if you think you don’t, think again!)  the problem is, we (the collective we, or at least myself….) like to wait for other people to recognize our talents.  we need that external invitation and validation.  while it would be nice to be offered a book deal/tv show/acting contract/a million dollars, chances are, it isn’t going to happen unless you go after it yourself.  you have to, in a sense, create your own work.  this is great in theory, until the only person holding you accountable is yourself.

adventureclub(interactive) provides the support that i personally need to create.  it provides a structure that keeps me moving forward.  assignments are posted, assignments are due.  i don’t have the luxury to lollygag and do it “someday”.   there is a deadline and if i miss it, i miss out and must move on.

one a side note about the picture…i took this photo while i was in brooklyn, ny for a friend’s wedding.  i had another version without the car but i decided that i liked the one with the car better because it adds the element of real life.  we have to do all three things, live and work and create.  sometimes they have to be separate but ideally they will all fit together seamlessly.

is it:  live. work. create. [or] live + work + create.  [or] create. work. live.  [or] create + work + live (work definitely does not go first…unless create=work and work=create.  let’s do that!)