one of eight ideas

of the adventureclubinteractive eight ideas¬†– bullet proof coffee…

is not really bullet proof at all…


12:38 saturday. by- adventureclubviral

shutter of a moment at 12:38 on saturday afternoon. if i pay for a coffee around the corner, my dog gets a complimentary treat. he also gets a side order of my hand. he never says thank you but i always ask him, when are you going to find a job? that would be the day… i think… when he pays for his treats and i get a complementary coffee.

sentence exchange #3. by- adventureclubviral

sentence exchange #3

they used to be emblems of counterculture- as forums for the exchange of ideas or places to pick up a few if you are in short supply.


i took great pleasure in matching my photograph with this sentence. positioning of objects can mean everything in a picture. the building quality social is some sort of meeting place: coffee shop or bar, speakeasy or community center. the windows like mirrors, reflect only distortion.  used to be that you could look in on people sharing good times in here. two gentlemen, deciding where to sit down for the rest of their conversation, gesture past quality social and decide on the culture comforts of starbucks.