august sentence exchange

our classic assignment. august edition. photographs due for submission, sunday, august 24.

1.  suddenly i shuddered, stricken with a wave of goose-speed-bumps.

2. before i knew, it was gone like something given.

3. auburn leaves like autumn rain.

4.  you moved like a brand new rocking chair.

5. he dives and leaps as fruit starts to loop.

6.  it’s beginning to look a lot like an emotional rollercoaster.

7.  she can’t keep walking straight, it’s like a U – Turn addiction.

8. it was a terrifying monstrosity, not unlike bleach stains.

9. the pattern is inconsistent and the straight jacket fits more snugly than it should.

10. shy like William the Conqueror.


lost meaning assignment


we live in a fast time. some might argue that time literally seems to be moving forward at an accelerated pace. whether we like it or not, the hands on the clock face keep ticking away…wait…a clock that ticks? do we still have those?


things change. is it an inevitable and sad universal law of nature. what we once thought to be quintessential elements to our lives (be they people, places or things) don’t always remain so necessary and relevant. some things we physically lose…some people we lose track of…some places may go out of business and disappear…and some things just lose their meaning.

what happens? what changes? what shift occurs that takes something from necessary to obsolete? why does this happen and why does this happen so fast?

this week, adventureclubinteractive challenges you to document things that have lost their meaning. whether it is a dejected rotary phone at a thrift store than no one cares to resurrect, or a note from a past lover that had finally lost its power over you, go out in search of the obsolete, the dejected, the irrelevant and the no longer useful. document your findings using both images and text.

bonus assignment question: once meaning is lost, can you find it again? show us.


please submit your work to

found crab.

lost and found-found crab-1

the lost crab was found. the party had been roaring all day . the crab was sick of it. shell retreat was not enough. as the roar softened to a murmur, guests were slipping in and out of the room with haste, retrieving things for departure. impulsively, the crab scuttled off the bureau and latched himself to the closest clutch. he was carried to a taxi, driven across town, and deposited atop an unfamiliar dresser. the next morning, still asleep in his shell, the crab was found- discovered by a careless housewife. “i didn’t think the little lobster was part of the purse! i had to think real hard before i decided no, no… no he didn’t belong! so i flicked the little guy onto the floor and stamped down good and hard!”


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found monk

anonymous female reported that a mysterious, orange-robed stranger showed up on his bike at her wednesday kickball game- “i couldn’t help but notice him. he looked like a holy man or something. he watched a few innings and then politely asked my teammate for an orange team shirt. everyone thought that someone else among us knew him. he took place in the game like he belonged!”


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lost and found assignment


lost and found-lost bike

my only form of transportation! please contact me if you have seen it!”
– adventure seeker on foot 

is it only when you lose something– that you consider its value? must something be missing for you to realize its importance?
whether it was expensive (jewelry?) or priceless (a diploma, an award?) whether it was memorable (a handwritten love letter?) useful (a bike?) or one-of-a-kind (a work of art?)… you search the ends of your earth for it. maybe you replace it. maybe you forget about it. but if you can’t replace it or you won’t forget about it- it is lost. and then you mourn, you despair, you feel helpless, hopeless and as lost as the thing itself. and you can’t help but wonder…where is it now?

and when you find something– do you ever consider that it was lost? do you realize what your discovery may mean to somebody out there…hoping to make a recovery? take a look at every single useless, random, unique, coveted, collected, one-of-a-kind thing that you have ever acquired by chance. and perhaps you pause to wonder… does somebody out there wonder about it?

remember the pricey pocket watch you inherited as a child but you lost last year?
maybe it was found around the neck of a listless, careless, grungy gothic looking teenager…
remember the sunglasses you lost last week… the ones you are confident will turn up soon?
maybe they were found… and are now checked in a bag beneath an airplane… destined internationally…
remember what cousin harry looks like? or did you lose your only photograph of him?
maybe that memory is floating on an island… that is actually a landfill…never to be found between pounds of plastic that refuse to get lost…

the lost and found assignment:

  • this assignment is a photographic exchange, a game of tag, a collaboration, and of course… an adventure
  • adventureclubinteractive will “find” things that you “lose”
  • submit a photo of an item (fictional or actual) that is LOST. include a caption (contrived or truly desperate)
  • adventureclubinteractive will post your LOST photo and respond by taking an interpretive FOUND photo
  • challenge adventureclubinteractive– with as many submissions as you imagine things to lose!
  • challenge yourself– enjoy the side by side LOST and FOUND photos as they are posted this week.  notice the transformation in terms of perspective. can something you LOST ever mean the same to someone that finds it?

lost and found-found bike

“bike turned in to the police department by considerate young man. found on july 32nd at 25 o’clock between Advent St. and True Blvd.”

position assignment

position. composition. placement.

take any basic photography class and inevitably your instructor will mention the “rule of thirds.” the rule of thirds is a compositional technique that can help to create a sense of balance and make photos more interesting. whether or not you choose to follow the rule of thirds is up to you but there is no denying that where you choose to position or place the subject of your image has a dramatic effect on the impact, interpretation and overall feeling of your work.

the assignment:

explore position, composition and placement.


take one photo and crop it different ways and notice the change in mood and movement.

choose a subject and play with positioning your subject in the center of one shot, in the upper right corner of the next, at the very top, at the very bottom…etc.

compose a series of various postions.

your collection should reflect an attempt answer to the question
how does position effect my work?


share your masterpieces inspired by this assignment!
please submit completed assignments via email:

assortment of mail. assembly of art.

2o things assortment painted

adventureclubviral’s assortment of mail

collage in pieces

theStephALA’s assortment of mail

unless you are a child or are expecting something specific, it’s unlikely that you look forward to retrieving mail from your mailbox (the real mailbox, the one filled with real paper, that has a flag… remember?)  the walk to the mailbox has likely become little more than an exercise in recycling.

adventureclubinteractive creators, adventureclubviral and theStephALA, send letters to each other frequently and look forward to collecting their mail. last week they conducted an experiment in “junk” mail. they sent “junk” mail to each other- each an envelope filled with 20 random, envelope sized items. the goal was to create something artful, using all 2o items each received. the adventure attempts to show that the random stuff of real mailboxes may in fact still be worth taking a second look at. the random stuff just might be worth recycling… creatively.

adventureclubviral’s assembly of art
20 random things –> bubble wrap-cushioned envelope on recycled collage paper finished with a trinket adorned ribbon

collage finished

theStephALA’s assembly of art
2o random things –> self standing collage, looking in, out and up