looks like it sounds. sounds like it looks.


looks like it sounds. by- adventureclubviral

chain of thoughts:

i forgot my cell phone today. i don’t miss it. i wish i could turn my cell phone off for a day. i wish that i could be unreachable. when i am not home i am out and about and i am busy. why do i always have to be available even when i am not? i wish i had a landline. can you even sign up for those anymore? i wish i had an answering machine. voicemail is not the same. i wish that phones only rang. i am so sick of sirens, songs and electronic ring tones. hey what is that thing? i think it is a telephone. it looks like one. what a relic! you spin it… it dials… i don’t hear anything. yeah they don’t really use those things anymore…

banana ice (1 of 1)

sounds like it looks.  by- theStephALA

if this isn’t a catastrophic fall waiting to happen, then i don’t know what is.  a banana peel on ice!  how can i type out the cartoon sound of slipping on a banana peel?  an ascending zip?  zing?  schwoop?  shwink? whatever the spelling, i can hear it in my head, and i bet you can too.


provocation of the day- the other dinner table guest


the remote control made it to dinner tables everywhere in the fifties.

imagine the scene- a nine to five father settling heavy into his favorite armchair. two point five children ordered to set the dinner table. an apron adorned housewife emerging from the kitchen in oven mitts. the trays are unfolded from out behind the couch, one for each member of the family. everyone in their usual position- dinner is served. while fingers and forks push around food the entire scene is backlit by another guest- practically a family member itself, and probably the most entertaining of the bunch… the television.

anyway, decades later the television is still a good friend or family member to many. and usually you can adopt the television anywhere else you have dinner outside your own home- at your friends house or at the local restaurant… you don’t need to bring your own to assure you of its company!

there is another guest at the dinner table these days. the cellular telephone. how interesting that there is usually one television remote control per dinner table but there is one cellular telephone per table setting.

adventureclubinteractive wants to know what you think about the cellular telephone as a guest at the dinner table.

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