auspicious adventure thursday- by adventureclubviral


photograph of lights in translucent-painted mason jars. this thursday was one of celebration- i gave silent thanks, i ate like a pilgrim, and i lit pumpkin pie with birthday wishes for a special someone. i felt wealthy and generous. i thought a lot about the word auspicious and decided that it feels like potential. i felt auspicious all day.


auspicious adventure wednesday- by adventureclubviral


gatsby green- the color of the day. i got to thinking about the evolutionary process that money is a part of- somewhere in the middle.

trade. barter. the exchange of goods for other goods. and then the creation of currency. backed by gold. value. standards. and then the representation of gold with green paper. printed. portable. pocket-sized. and then the excess of green paper- more paper than gold. and so superfluous are the goods- more goods than there ever will be gold. so there has to be as much paper as there are goods. and then with all the paper getting passed around the world- sometimes only as a promise- the paper turns to plastic with magnet strips. and then there are too many promises for too many goods. and then it starts to get confusing what money is worth anyhow. caught in the middle of simple negotiations- “i have something you want- you have something i want” -which somehow became- i don’t know- the payment of promises. poker is actually pretty organic in this evolutionary process. its backed by all the buy ins. some people get a good return on their exchange. some lose. i don’t know- any other ideas? 

auspicious adventure tuesday- by adventureclubviral


this is a photograph of a painting. i always feel a bit strange taking pictures of pictures but nowhere have i read it to be inauspicious on a tuesday. i love this painting and because it adorns that wall of a friend (of good taste) i am lucky to enjoy it frequently but randomly. usually, this painting prompts first my nose and then my eyes. it just looks putrid. i always see first a smell. today, i see the painting and it prompts- emotion. it looks like courage. the rabbit looks courageous, strong, proud, and dutiful. riding the rabbit- the man looks determined, forward facing and future oriented. his umbrella usually seems like a shield- an ominous one- blocking out the light, from the sun, from life. today instead it seems the man carries a skull like a trophy- casually, if not humbly- over his shoulder on his way to his next adventure. tuesday is the day for having this courage- no matter that you are the rider or the rabbit that is ridden.

auspicious adventure monday- by adventureclubviral

Imagephotograph of a seashell. it was delivered to me by the water and the tides, controlled by the moon that monday is associated with. pearls, whites, and silvers seem obviously descriptive of the moon although the shell came far away down in the sea. taking a photograph of one seashell- among countless others- seems to tie together all cancerian qualities- the crab in its shell that represents home, the feminine, emotive, ever-changing qualities of water and all things pale, like luster from the moon.

auspicious adventures every day of the week.

sunday. monday. tuesday. wednesday. thursday. friday. saturday.

hey adventure seekers- did you know that each day of the calendar week is associated with planets and colors, metals, stones, and specific, daily obligations? we have condensed an enormous amount of research from various cultures and beliefs about these associations to provide seekers with a simple, fun, and general set of guidelines to help you get dressed in the morning. an example of your thoughts in the morning may become something like: “oh it’s wednesday? i should really focus on writing today, it’s a good day to wear my green jewelry, carry my aquamarine, aventurine or green emeralds wherever i travel, and i should probably call somebody on the phone that is due for a phone call…”  we have taken lightly the accuracy in these guidelines. obviously the zodiac, the metaphysical presence of stones and metals and planetary associations are debatable sources for life choices and consequences. more important is the intention of providing an overall awareness about the different days of the week and all things auspicious about them.


sun. leo. gold. ruby. sunstone. garnet. red. pink. maroon. fatherhood.

auspicious: fortune, hope, money, celebration, community, resolve disputes, new friends.

inauspicious: entering new home, selling products, lifting heavy objects.


moon. cancer. silver. pale. pearl. moonstone. white. motherhood.

auspicious: home, planting, harvesting, new career, fertility, planting, managing finances.

inauspicious: very little- monday is invigorating for all aspects of new beginnings.


mars. aries. scorpio. coral. carnelian. iron. man.

auspicious: courage, sexuality, labor, communicating with law enforcement, government.

inauspicious: use of fire, war, quarreling, burnt food, eating potatoes.


mercury. gemini. virgo. emerald. green. peridot.

auspicious: wealth, trading, intellectual pursuits, communication, travel, writing.

inauspicious: beginning new ventures, conflicts at work, casual sex.


jupiter. sagittarius. yellow. sapphire. topaz. citrine. tin.

auspicious: wealth, business, visiting elders, honoring education, academics, desires.

inauspicious: travel.


venus. libra. taurus. diamond. rainbow. white. quartz. copper.

auspicious: love, healing, purchasing stones, purchasing vehicles, music, sweets, cravings.

inauspicious: very little.


saturn. capricorn. blue. black. amethyst. lead.

auspicious: property, protection, basic needs, fasting, giving alms, life pathways.

inauspicious: indulgence, starting something new.