submission for the adventureclubinteractive monsterpiece assignment. by- Stephanie

monsterpiece 1

monsterpiece 2


INspect-acles assignment

in spectacles

the INspect-acles assignment:

spend a week in spectacles. inspect the world, framed. look at life through lenses.

whether you have 20/20 vision or are practically blind without your bifocals- make this adventure accessible to you! pop out the plastic from old shades or find some knock off frames with clear lenses. if you wear spectacles already, peer through a different pair or commit to contacts. be creative.

submissions of your experience at the end of the assignment week should include:
-an insightful gallery (maximum of 10 photographs) that highlights your interesting experiences in spectacles.
-a written inspection- or examination- about your adventures in spectacles, what it meant to you and perhaps what it means in some greater context of life.

please submit your masterpieces via email:


assignment: what i do

what my parents think i do

what my co-workers think i do...

the assignment:

step I: fill in the blank with a person, subject or group of people: what ___  think(s) i do
step II: take an interpretive photograph that represents the completed phrase
step III: repeat steps I & II with as many different persons, subjects or peoples as you are inspired by
step V: at the end of the assignment week, finish the collection with a picture of: what i actually do
step IV: submit your photographs to

the adventure:

imagining and creating yourself from everyone else’s perspective  

what i actually do...

assignment: yesterday

dear adventure seekers,

perhaps you were wondering about …
surely you were waiting for…
and most definitely are you deserving of …

the latest adventureclubinteractive weekly assignment.
(because weren’t you supposed to see it yesterday?)



who: adventure seekers with a camera and all those inspired by their yesterdays 
 photograph yesterday
when: everyday
how: creatively (see example below)
how not: sharing photographs taken yesterday and as though you took them that day
why: for the sake of adventure
where: share your yesterday masterpieces via email:


yesterday i slept in, not wanting to wake up, wishing instead that i could hibernate like a bear…



dear adventure seeker…sentence exchange…sincerely- adventureclubviral

to theStephALA:

i am so glad that we decided to revisit one of our favorite adventures…

please take a picture for each sentence.

i can’t wait to see what my words inspire for your photography


1. where it stops is where i start.


2. what is more enticing than candy tinged with danger?


3. please be my paperclip and keep me together.


4. one part mindful and two parts playful.


5. try to get smarter than jeopardy and richer than monopoly.





p.s. if you are not theStephALA but you want to be an adventure seeker- please participate!
whether you start your own sentence exchange with a friend or would like to share ours…
document your adventures, send them to us and we will share them on our blog.

please submit a gallery of your sentence photos no later than sunday, may 12th.
submit via email to:
if we consider it a masterpiece we will post it on

view more details of the sentence exchange assignment.


adventureclub(interactive) is…for the sake of it

side by side photographs summarizing the recent adventureclub photo exchange.
-adventureclubviral received theStephALA’s photo series in the mail.
-theStephALA received adventureclubviral’s photo series in the mail. 


so many times, i have stopped to consider the phrase- art for the sake of art.
i have heard it, spoken it, read it, written it. i have thought of it…countless times.
maybe it is tired, but for me it is always true.
so the philosophy implies- art has an inherent value. art is invaluable.
art is in and of itself. it has no function apart from (the maintenance of) its own existence.
in other words- it serves no constructive purpose.
sometimes the philosophy sounds like an excuse- an artist explaining away the point of doing something of no utilitarian purpose. or a validation- that no reason or purpose is necessary to justify their work. art for the sake of art.
so hey people of the hard working world: perhaps your tie is too tight. maybe your gray hairs are too many. whether your bank account is low or your to do list too long…
maybe you are more exhausted than the old saying… art for the sake of art.
so maybe something for the sake of something is less an excuse and more a respite.
you wouldn’t even have to call it art.


so what is adventureclub(interactive)?
it is finding adventure for the sake of being adventurous. it is being in a club for the sake of belonging. it is creative writing, reading, amateur photography, aromatherapy, inspiration and organization.
it is for the sake of itself.
true it has given me something to do just to have something to do.
but it never gets tired because at the end of the day i have something to show for and someone to share it with.
receiving the printed photos from theStephALA in the mail and knowing that she received mine was the satisfaction- the sake- of completing something artful and having someone appreciate it.