assortment of mail. assembly of art.

2o things assortment painted

adventureclubviral’s assortment of mail

collage in pieces

theStephALA’s assortment of mail

unless you are a child or are expecting something specific, it’s unlikely that you look forward to retrieving mail from your mailbox (the real mailbox, the one filled with real paper, that has a flag… remember?)  the walk to the mailbox has likely become little more than an exercise in recycling.

adventureclubinteractive creators, adventureclubviral and theStephALA, send letters to each other frequently and look forward to collecting their mail. last week they conducted an experiment in “junk” mail. they sent “junk” mail to each other- each an envelope filled with 20 random, envelope sized items. the goal was to create something artful, using all 2o items each received. the adventure attempts to show that the random stuff of real mailboxes may in fact still be worth taking a second look at. the random stuff just might be worth recycling… creatively.

adventureclubviral’s assembly of art
20 random things –> bubble wrap-cushioned envelope on recycled collage paper finished with a trinket adorned ribbon

collage finished

theStephALA’s assembly of art
2o random things –> self standing collage, looking in, out and up


blank canvas final. by- adventureclubviral


the adventureclubinteractive blank canvas assignment gave me some unexpected perspective this week. although it seemed a simple assignment- choose a work, start from scratch and work on it everyday- i came to realize that a blank canvas is like a blank mind.

blank can be a beautiful thing: a nothing that turns into a something, the endlessness of possibilities, the spaciousness for retention, the potential for imagination…
blank can also be frustrating: nothing that could be anything, endless choices, decisions without direction, the potential for failure…

for my first blank canvas i wanted to paint. i wanted to commit to working on it for at least half an hour each day. for the first two days i ended up pacing around, poking around for random materials that might (but never did) have anything to do with the project. i didn’t have any goal in mind. not a single idea or vision or thought. and it’s funny the way the mind tends to wander when faced with a deadline or an obligation to work. the only applause i give myself for the first two days was that my intention was there. i wanted to work. i wanted to do something brilliant. but i wanted the idea to just occur to me. i wanted a masterpiece to just arrive. i admit- i wanted to be told how to do it. because then- of course-i would do the specific work required to make a brilliant masterpiece each half hour of each day. this perspective is of the passive. work doesn’t create itself. art doesn’t have instructions.


without using a brush, i painted a castle onto canvas with acrylics, cardboard strips and a sharpie pen. it’s not a masterpiece but it was fun and the colors pleased me. the above pictures show my daily progress after the first two days of being passive. and the perspective thereafter was this: just do it.

for my garden project, of hiding the hole under the fence, i was a little more ambitious at the outset. i bravely moved the cinder blocks around and actually threw some soil and sunflower seeds into the holes. my challenge in completing this work was not one of passiveness. instead it was the challenge of the uncontrollable and the external. on day three, the landscapers showed up and did their own work of trimming and pruning all the trees in the yard, making huge piles everywhere in the way of getting anything done. hence the final picture which shows little next to anything of a masterpiece. the perspective is this: even when you take the initiative to do your work, sometimes unexpected things get in the way.

vision board project- relationships

vision board relationships


as your adventureclubinteractive inspired vision board project comes along, it is likely that you have spent so much time envisioning yourself that your mind wanders off and starts visualizing somebody else. so take pictures of that somebody… write, paint, draw, cut, paste, design, create… something… about anybody. express your visions about relationships, connections, friendships, community and family.

vision board project- habits

vision board health


the adventureclubinteractive vision board project will likely stir up visions of yourself that you don’t particularly want to acknowledge. perhaps you realize that your health or your habits are not reflective of the vision of your best self. maybe you add something to your project that represents nourishment or encourages making a change in lifestyle.

assignment: the vision board project

painting alex gray

-adventureclubinteractive assignment of the week-

create a vision board

the definition of a vision board depends on the visionary- that’s you! the purpose of the vision board project is to spend time envisioning the very best version of you! the masterpiece should reflect your visions of self: who you are, who you want to become. what you have, what you want, what you do, what you want to do. where you want to go, how you want to live, why you think about what you think about… and so on. the vision board project is your vision of self- in the present and in the future.

the vision board project is an assignment with few rules. most important is that you create something organic. this project should manifest itself physically- perhaps on a blank canvas or in a blank notebook. express your visions- in handwriting instead of typewriting. capture your visions with your camera- but print the pictures instead of upload the pictures.

at the end of the assignment week, the completed vision board will be something you can keep, hang on the wall, display, tuck away on a shelf, share or covet. the completed vision board is an art project about you.


please share your thoughts and ideas this assignment week about visions of self …

although this assignment should be completed away from the computer please submit any evidence or documentation of your completed vision board by sunday march 3rd …

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