black out poetry


according to deputies,
they discovered a container.
an unconscious business man reported
a dog.
remove him and cut the lock!

$6,000 discovered.
received and

$3,000 missing!

an older male wasn’t the caller.
a man went
a watch.


the rodeo will be the last.
an exciting lineup!
“Babe” will not be disappointed.

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black out poetry- new news and poetic opinion

jump ship.

authority undeserved
operates unsuccessfully
joining controversy-
a division
the understudy
the mastermind
the departure-
flouting the lawful
reluctant decisions
the distance between-
decades long
In response
flames fanned
echoing Ultimately
Civic oversight
saying everything is A-OK-
transparency, agreement, discretion, compliance
the reality-
a binding advocacy
benchmarks, benefits, efforts-
quickly buried
pressure from officials
community, leadership, public, groups
true targets
with think tank needs
lacking approach
entrenched in their views-
a bitter battle


umbrellas surround
separation reflects
The little things
No-brainer things
the ah-heck-inferiority-complex
blindfolded, undisclosed
secured projection
of statuesque perfection
riveting, incessant
warned of delight
of daydream, of apparition
a hand, a wand
the spin, the sugar
the jokes, the turquoise giggle
The Big Worry
The Big Budget Fairy
freezes, winks
The Big Worry Theory?
love breezy
victory overwhelmingly sleepy
messy, magical, nonsensical
emotional, professional
folks bent on special-
blank stares-
trembles, shuddering, triggers
unaware, uncharacteristically built
of gold glitter
over time

poetry by courtney capellan. highlighted (blacked out) from San Diego CityBeat, April 29, 2015. UpFront / News page 6 and UpFront / Opinion page 7.

famished for fiction book club- december 2014


december 2014 book club read

the adventureclubinteractive december book of the month is The Stranger by Albert Camus. click on the book to peruse more about the book and the club. already read The Stranger? which translation did you read? perhaps you’ll read a different one this time! adventureclubinteractive  encourages you to explore beyond the book club shelf and browse other recommendations that are constantly being updated on the adventureclubinteractive goodreads page.

sentence exchange v. 12.2014


our sentences, your photographs

SentEx-let's say no more

sentence exchange v. 12.2014:

1. why does captain crunch cut the roof of your mouth?

2.  don’t you think you’d be safer down on the ground?

3.  definitely not 14.

4. in an age of distraction, maybe nothing could feel more luxurious than paying attention.

5.  the work of the artist is to turn dreams into responsibility.

6. i’m making a map out of you.

7. go hang out with go-getters!

8.  enable the impossible.

9. we’re looking for him and his fingerprint.

10.  this propaganda gets under your skin.


what is the sentence exchange? 

please submit your completed masterpieces via email: by the end of the assignment week. we look forward to posting your work on our blog for public view!

the monsterpiece assignment

 photographic masterpiece

art is a prejudice. what one sees is only what one’s own two eyes can see.
objectivity is impossible for artists, photographers, humans- because the same thing is seen differently by each, always filtered by feelings, attitudes, what we know and what we think we know.

when was the last time you saw a monster? when was the last time someone pointed out a monster that you were unable to see? what do you mean when you describe something as monstrous? how do you depict someone as monstrous? what is a monstrosity?

adventurous monsterpiece

you may be quick to rank the monsters, wild things and what’s hiding under the bed as the illusory concerns of children (as though you couldn’t be bothered with the ranks of those things…) but YOU are an adventure seeker and an artist and YOU understand that illusions are real and that- always– there exists within us our own creative child.

don’t be prejudiced against monsters. don’t deny their existence. don’t judge them. don’t file them away then pull them out for halloween or the full moon or the dark of night. (or do all of the above if that’s all how you see it!) this week’s assignment is about monster photography. any and all responses to the theme: monsterpiece– should be conveyed photographically. whatever you photograph and submit should represent how YOU see monsters. sharing your representations- your masterpieces- will allow EVERYONE to see how you see monsters… and then they can decide for themselves…

cookie monster?cookie monsterclick for photo credit

she-monster? monsterclick for photo credit