color collage assingment

rose color code

the assignment.
how many photographs can you capture each day based on the (daily) posted color schemes? how many new colors can you name, perhaps based on the subject / colors of your photography? what comes first- the rose or the color of a rose? which red is what red- wine or sangria? and ultimately, how do you wrap your mind around the fact that a color is actually what it is not? (think wavelengths and prisms… blue is reflected, only because all the other colors are absorbed… blue is what it is NOT…hmm…)
submit a collection of photographs inspired by the shade of the day -a different color scheme posted on our site daily for your inspiration. caption each picture with your own new, adventurous, color name. seek to contribute your work daily or as a collection (of collections) at the end of the assignment week. please submit your completed assignments by the end of the assignment week via email:



adventure noir assignment.


i was sitting at my desk minding my own business, trying to stay out of trouble quite frankly, but trouble just has a way of walking through my door.  it’s always been that way really, since as far back as i can remember.  i’ve been on the short end of the stick it seems, trying to do right but always ending up wrong.  today was no different.  it was pouring outside, so hard it started pouring in, and as i mopped off my desk with saturday’s herald i heard someone call my name from across the room.

that sultry voice left me frozen in my tracks.  my pulse raced.  i began to sweat.  she sauntered over in my direction, her heels clicking and clacking against my floor as if she were hammering nails into my coffin.  i felt her behind me, her breath, a burning chill at the back of my neck.  she whispered in my ear…”i’ve got another assignment for you…”

adventure noir assignment:

YOU, dear adventure seeker, are ON assignment this week.  grab your fedora and trench coat and head out into the world “adventure noir” style.  whether you’re “hired” by a melodramatic dame in an attempt to track down her wandering lover, or following your intuition/”hunch” by staking out some various local establishment…uncover a mystery!  eavesdrop on conversations, make observations behind lampposts, say things like “slick” and “babe” and “kid”.  create some fictional drama or uncover some truth and as always, share your adventure noir adventures with us…



what’s the opposite of spring cleaning? …

alice and entourage

… fall foraging!

on fashion / in fashion…

it doesn’t have to be labor day not to wear white. it doesn’t have to be halloween to wear a pair of ears. trendy doesn’t always mean new. old doesn’t always mean funky. does funky mean vintage? can vintage be new? what is fashion except everything that describes fashion?
chic. sexy. stylish. cutting-edge. flattering. fitting. basic. timeless. stunning. polished. retro. seasonal. racy. glamorous. fresh. classic. fabulous. definitive. beautiful. hip. hot. feminine. stylish. masculine. dressy. casual. flashy. luxurious. rich. extreme. showy. muted. colorful. brand-name. handmade. one-of-a-kind. attractive. alluring. natural. comfortable. influential. simple.
and so on.

last week’s assignment was about following directions- walking out the door in a certain way. this week’s adventure is about creating your own directions. whether you’re aware of it, truly do or do not care for it- fashion is not such a frivolous thing, considering that everyday you choose it, you wear it… considering that you create yourself, make yourself- walk out the door in your own unique way.


everyday this week adorn yourself however fashionably (and ask yourself what that means…)
wear something (different every day) you own that has been left in the closet forgotten.
accessorize excessively, ridiculously, noticeably.
make-up a new make-up routine.
cut your hair, color your hair, paint your face.
bare more skin, bare your teeth. dare yourself, be brave.
do something, look something, try something, be something… adventurous.
(and ask yourself what is the difference between style and fashion…? )

seek to endure reactions and resist temptations to retreat to your typical look.
send adventureclubinteractive self-photography evidence of your fashionssignment experiences on a daily basis. (one submission that includes daily photographs will also be accepted.)  please include your thoughts in words with each photograph as documentation of your adventures in fashion.

please submit your fashionssignment photography via email:

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follow the directions.

“read the directions and directly you will be directed in the right direction.”


this week’s assignment involves following specific directions.  follow the following directions as accurately as possible one time each day for the remainder of the week.  if a cliff or a large body of water prevents you from continuing on, then please use your better judgement and decide to stop.  document what you find once you’ve reached your destination whether it’s a puddle or a pot of gold.  share your findings daily or complied in a gallery at the end of the week.


1.  walk out any door that separates you from “outside”.
2.  turn three full rotations in a counterclockwise direction.
2.  head north for one minute on foot.
3.  turn left if there is a left turn within vision.
4.  stop abruptly and wait for 5 cycles of breath.
5.  take 7 steps backwards.
6.  turn 90 degrees.
7.  continue walking 2 minutes on foot.
8.  stop abruptly and wait for 5 cycles of breath.
9.  turn 180 degrees.
10.  look up.

august sentence exchange

our classic assignment. august edition. photographs due for submission, sunday, august 24.

1.  suddenly i shuddered, stricken with a wave of goose-speed-bumps.

2. before i knew, it was gone like something given.

3. auburn leaves like autumn rain.

4.  you moved like a brand new rocking chair.

5. he dives and leaps as fruit starts to loop.

6.  it’s beginning to look a lot like an emotional rollercoaster.

7.  she can’t keep walking straight, it’s like a U – Turn addiction.

8. it was a terrifying monstrosity, not unlike bleach stains.

9. the pattern is inconsistent and the straight jacket fits more snugly than it should.

10. shy like William the Conqueror.

build yourself assignment.

“You wish to have The curse reversed?
I’ll need a certain Potion first.
Go to the wood and bring me back:
One: the cow as white as milk, 
Two: the cape as red as blood, 
Three: the hair as yellow as corn,
Four: the slipper as pure as gold.”


my skin is the rind of a watermelon…

the world is your mirror and there are reflections of yourself everywhere.


your assignment this week is to find yourself and build yourself out of your surroundings.  see your eyes in a bowl full of blueberries or walnuts.  find you teeth at the piano or your hair in a bale of hay.  capture images of “yourself” and write “why”.  why are your teeth the piano keys?  what makes you see your eyes in a bowl full of walnuts?

pick a focus:  your face, your arm, your circulatory system, or your body as a whole.  build yourself.


share “yourself” with us at

photo-copy assignment

ISE see and feel difference

how much do you know about adventureclubinteractive?

this week’s assignment is about all of you:  adventure seekers. friends and faithful followers. fans and skeptics. artists, creatives, artist wannabes, wannabe creatives and creative artists. this week’s assignment is about you getting to know us. whether you give us the casual, curious click around every once in awhile or are an an occasional visitor or frequent flyer with our website… this week’s assignment will familiarize you with us and us with you. and what’s more, we think that you’ll like us so much, be inspired by adventureclub so much, you’ll find so much of our work that you appreciate so much… that you will want to do exactly as we do.
you might even… try to… copy us…

photo-copy assignment.

(suggested research for the assignment)


  • choose three photos that you like, love, or are inspired by. choose photos that you would like to capture through your own lens. it’s up to you how you will take on the adventure of photographing our photos. in your own way, our three photos will become your three subjects for the remastering…


  • when you think about it, in many ways, copying is the easiest thing in the world when it comes to producing. how can you make this assignment challenging and adventurous? or will you opt to make it more accessible, if not simple or basic? again, it’s up to you. our suggestion is to approach the process of photo-copying, on a spectrum.
    for example, photo one, choosen from our website:  you might photograph it’s perfect mirror image, down to the color of the wall or the shade of a blade of grass- making an exact replica of everything in the photo- position and composition, pixel for pixel.
    for the second photo, maybe you let out a little slack on the precision settings in your perfectionist mind. though you still search for the opportunity to mimic our (second) photo closely, this photo-copy might include an embellished twist or a subtle flaw. maybe the blue isn’t a wall and the shade of green isn’t a blade of grass…
    the third photo would be even looser an interpretation off the (third) original. far away at the other end of the scale of copy. the third photo you choose is for a chance to be outrageous and rebellious. take this third photo because you’re inspired by our photo, but let creativity take the reigns and surprise yourself at how how uncommon a copy, a photo and a photo-copy can truly be.

submit your three photos and three links (or titles) of adventureclubinteractive photos that you chose to photo-copy, by the end of the assignment week. we look forward to sharing your masterpieces of our blog for public view.
please submit via email:

youll see and feel invert

%22you'll see and feel the difference%22 copy

follow the white rabbit assignment.

white rabbit

this weeks assignment draws inspiration from the matrix.  if you haven’t watched the movie, we highly encourage you to do so, but here is a brief synopsis of the movie reference…  the main character, neo, receives a bizarre message on his computer telling him to “follow the white rabbit”.  at the moment the message seems meaningless but moments later he hears a knock at his door and opens it to find a woman with a white rabbit tattooed on her shoulder.  he follows her, as per the message, and the story continues from there…  would he have followed this young woman had he not received the instructions prior to the knock at the door? maybe yes maybe no, but there is little doubt that neo had a heightened sensitivity towards the concept of a white rabbit after receiving the message, otherwise he may not have noticed her tattoo at all…


  • this week’s assignment is an exercise in observation, adventure and coincidence. keep your eyes and ears open.  inevitably something will capture your attention and compel you to begin.  perhaps your adventure also begins with a white rabbit.  perhaps it begins with a stranger wearing lime green sneakers, a chocolate ice cream cone, or a lady you meet on the bus named June.   you’ll know when to start.
  • allow yourself to be directed by the universe or by sheer coincidence.  where do you find the next sign?  do you follow the stranger with the lime green sneakers into the library?  what do you find there?  is your chocolate ice cream cone ripped out of your hands by a passing sea gull?  does June give you the business card of her friend who reupholsters used furniture?
  • what happens next?  allow yourself to be led.  follow the clues that emerge along your journey.  keep going.
  • document what you find.  take photographs, sketch, write, discover!
  • your journey may last one day or a few.  there is no specific time frame to follow.
  • share your discoveries with us at

beginatthe beginning



photo in the blank assignment

 no  __________________ 

photo in the blank assignment

fill in the blanks of the sentences provided below with your photos! this week’s adventure is a spin off some old favorites (interpreting sentencesiMADge LIBS, sentence exchange)
perhaps you can’t help but get hung up on a word that comes to mind to fill in our blanks and you go out in search of the specific scene to photograph it.
(i.e.: you have gotten no sleep) or maybe you let your surroundings inspire you, making for unexpected photo opportunities to fill in the blanks (i.e.: you see graffiti art suggesting no future)
the collaboration of your work with others should make for an interesting, comparative collection at the end of the assignment week! copy down our 10 incomplete sentences, grab your camera and seek to fill in the blanks with your unique photography.
please submit (as many as you find) completed assignments via email: and we’ll look forward to sharing them as a collection of submissions from other adventure seekers on our blog for public view!

photos in the blank sentences

1.  one for the  __________________

2.  slam  __________________

3.  __________________ is everything

4.  good  __________________ bad  __________________

5.  i can’t believe you’re the type of person who would  __________________

6.  blood, sweat,  __________________ and tears

7.  you must always remember to  __________________

8.   __________________ incorporated

9.  if you see  __________________ on the road, don’t even think about  __________________

10.   __________________ but gaudy

week the first revisited.

july first marked the birthday of adventureclub!  not adventureclubinteractive (that birthday comes again in a few months), but adventureclub.  before it was “interactive” in the digital, online sense, adventureclub was purely interactive in the person to person organic sense.  we discussed ideas over a table and cup of coffee instead of the telephone and exchanged touchable, tangible photographs instead of jpegs.  we passed paper instead of emailing documents and we chased those papers down the street when a surly gust of wind blew them out of our hands.  adventureclubinteractive began as adventureclub, over a kitchen table, with the birth of our original assignment…

this week, we revisit our original assignment!  (yes! the very first one!)

common theme



create a series of 7-10 photographs that share one common element or theme.

examples from the very first assignment.


please share your adventures with us at