back from the future, pages 721, 1948. by- nokneecap

Encyclopedia Adventurrica 2064.
Page 721 – GLIB Phone app: The most successful phone app in the year 2063 when over a billion subscribers played the game.  Developers in their orbiting satellite headquarters say they earn $1.4 billion each day with subscription rate of $300 in cashless cyber coupons.
Encyclopedia Adventurrica 2064.
Page 1948 – The Back to the Future movie early in the millennium was voted one of the best movies ever.
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12:38 sunday. by- nony

same time different day nony sunday

12:38 Sunday.  It’s after lunch and someone knows it’s time for a walk.  Must bring 3 doo doo bags as this fellow is considerate enough to wait until after 12:38 to do his business on the sidewalk or someone’s front yard.  Going on 1 year old and still needs social skills – from trying to chase cars, barking at other dogs, or trying to pick a fight.  Coward really because when confronted, wags tail and cowers when bigger dogs are willing to take him on.  He prides himself of being a guard dog and that’s how he earns his keep.

spotlight on religion. by- nony

SONY DSCHeadline: Pope Resigns, The Bible premiers on History Channel, and other News on Religion. by- nony

They bring to mind the late Carl Sagan’s book,”Broca’s Brain”, wherein a 19th century surgeon collected and studied cadaver brains hoping to understand human behavior. It appears that the human brain is an amalgamation of human experiences during the evolutionary process. In other words, babies are not born with a blank slate, but with the proclivities hardwired in the brain from “knowledge” gained by ancestors from time immemorial. Otherwise, newborns will not have the capacity to learn language as an example.

This may explain why humans are attracted to religion despite progress in science answering most questions formerly answered with superstition. In the quest for survival, humans relied not on brawn but mostly on exploration using questions and answers. Unsolved mysteries are answered by a superhuman in the God catalog. This answer has become part of the “knowledge” bank passed on through generations and become part of Broca’s Brain.

Carl Sagan offered an explanation for near-death experiences and religion to one common human experience: Birth.

odd opposites. pain versus reckless. by- nony

Australia v Sri Lanka - Second Test: Day 3

Pain conjures feeling of sorrow yet exists in nature to protect us all. Without it we scald our bodies in the shower, touch the frying pan in the burner, and death comes too easily.


Reckless is the absence of the fear of pain and with it we willingly harm outselves and remove our empathy of others. Pain and reckless are not mutally exclusive and life is a balancing act

El Chiringhuito de Dios Shelter in Barcelona

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stubborn tree. by- adventure seeker- amy


“She comes outside about once a week, usually towing a large weed eater and garden bags.  She putters around the rest of the yard before she lays her sights on me.  Setting the weed eater and other small tools aside, she grunts and curses under her breath as she approaches with thick rubbery gloves.  There is no need for her tools here.  She pulls and yanks frantically at me.  It never works.  My roots are already deep. They are growing under this cold gravel, trying desperately to penetrate the nearby asphalt.  How i came to be she does not know.  Why am i here?   She does not want me, but i am here and i will grow.  I WILL grow!  And her rubbery hands and meager strength are no match for me.” by- amy.