stay tuned. more adventures coming soon.

bday wish


we have officially existed as adventureclub”interactive”.com for one year
and we are celebrating.
you may have noticed that there was no assignment posted this week
because we are celebrating.

blow us a kiss, make us a wish
november marks the first full year of adventureclub”interactive”.com

wait. stay tuned. still to come. watch for more
opportunities, ideas, inspiration, adventures galore.

by the way…

for an entire year, for our entire online existence– you may have been wondering…

why adventureclub + “interactive” ?
adventureclub____?____ .com

adventureclub came first ( “adventureclubviral” aka Courtney  + “theStephALA” aka Stephanie )
“interactive” was added onto adventureclub because Courtney was moving out of state.
and how do you maintain a club without meetings? how do you share adventures without hanging out?
the internet, of course, has made it possible to be an adventureclub and still interact, long distance.




book club book + current events

eva lunamarch book club excerpt: they were, in fact, suspicious of the paper money that today was worth something and tomorrow might be withdrawn from circulation… printed paper that could vanish if you turned your back. they preferred coins, which at least weighed in the pocket, rang on the counter, and shone as real money should.

regarding current events: will we really get rid of the penny? it costs two and a half cents in raw materials to make a penny. based on average wages, it takes an american worker two seconds to earn a penny. but really, do you think we will get rid of the penny?

march book club excerpt: in many places people did not learn of the overthrow of the dictatorship, because, among other things, they had not known that the general was in power all those years. they lived on the periphery of current events. all ages of history co-exist in this immoderate geography. while in the capital entrepreneurs conduct business affairs by telephone with associates in other cities on the globe, there are regions in the Andes where standards of human behavior are those introduced five centuries earlier… and in some jungle villages men roam naked…like their ancestors in the stone age…

writing about current events: i bookmarked this page of eva luna and returned to it several times. the writing has a melody to me. only the great authors can write in melodies, especially in a work of fiction. although written about a time and place, decades ago, only the great authors can use the “timeless tense” as i like to think this excerpt was written in. she writes of events in the past, as current events in her fictional present and what is written is the truth of things- still relevant to (us) readers of the future.


eva luna by isabel allende was a masterpiece! it was the best book i have read in quite awhile. i recommend it to adventure seekers everywhere.

challenging Photoshop


regarding the adventureclubinteractive featured challenge: learn something new about your camera… i have undertaken the overwhelming. this week i became the proud owner of Photoshop CS5 software but when i load it up i have absolutely no idea where to start. i am using a Nikon Coolpix S8200 and have been happy to the brim with its superior point and shoot qualities. always, when i sit down to upload my pictures i easily navigate and efficiently manipulate my photos with the nikon software but ultimately i feel limited by the editing software i have been using in the past. i checked out a Photoshop CS5 book at the library and am determined to read my way to success. but at the end of the week (though i did not expect instant success) i still know nothing. so hear my cry- adventure seekers, bloggers, photographers and Photo-shoppers everywhere:

what is your best advice for a Photoshop beginner?

non-attachment clothing challenge tuesday – by theStephALA

non-attachment clothing challenge tuesday - by theStephALA

this morning i awoke at the last possible second before i had to get myself together and out for the day. having no extra time to waste or dilly-dally, i found myself extremely grateful that i already knew what i was going to wear…the same thing as yesterday! it felt liberating to dress in 30 seconds! this week’s daily attired is currently spinning in the dryer, eager for tomorrow.