pen pal + piggy bank =

piggy bank

the pal bank

Q. what is the point of having a pen pal if you aren’t going to write them letters?
…you want to keep in touch with someone far away 

Q. and what is the point of having a piggy bank if you aren’t going to save money?
…you want to invest or save for something

A. there is no point to having either if you’re not going to commit to sticking stamps and collecting coins. but if you’re a type a (the adventure type) maybe you’re able to think outside the box.
…make a pal bank!

do it yourself- the pal bank

  • widen the coin slot on an old piggy bank or give an old shoe box new purpose. cut it a hole.
  • instead of mailing letters to a faraway friend, deposit something (anything!) in the pal bank everyday.
  • when the bank is full- deposit it:
    -send the bank to your pail in the mail!
    – present the bank to your pal in person when you visit each other next!

stay tuned. more adventures coming soon.

bday wish


we have officially existed as adventureclub”interactive”.com for one year
and we are celebrating.
you may have noticed that there was no assignment posted this week
because we are celebrating.

blow us a kiss, make us a wish
november marks the first full year of adventureclub”interactive”.com

wait. stay tuned. still to come. watch for more
opportunities, ideas, inspiration, adventures galore.

by the way…

for an entire year, for our entire online existence– you may have been wondering…

why adventureclub + “interactive” ?
adventureclub____?____ .com

adventureclub came first ( “adventureclubviral” aka Courtney  + “theStephALA” aka Stephanie )
“interactive” was added onto adventureclub because Courtney was moving out of state.
and how do you maintain a club without meetings? how do you share adventures without hanging out?
the internet, of course, has made it possible to be an adventureclub and still interact, long distance.



lost and found photo challenge

lost and found blueprints-final

above photo. “the tractor man lost his blueprints…”
by- theStephALA 

below photo. “‘they’re fucking building pyramids over there!’ the neighbor screamed…”
by- adventureclubviral

what do you think happened? use your imagination to explain the connection between the two photographs.

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assortment of mail. assembly of art.

2o things assortment painted

adventureclubviral’s assortment of mail

collage in pieces

theStephALA’s assortment of mail

unless you are a child or are expecting something specific, it’s unlikely that you look forward to retrieving mail from your mailbox (the real mailbox, the one filled with real paper, that has a flag… remember?)  the walk to the mailbox has likely become little more than an exercise in recycling.

adventureclubinteractive creators, adventureclubviral and theStephALA, send letters to each other frequently and look forward to collecting their mail. last week they conducted an experiment in “junk” mail. they sent “junk” mail to each other- each an envelope filled with 20 random, envelope sized items. the goal was to create something artful, using all 2o items each received. the adventure attempts to show that the random stuff of real mailboxes may in fact still be worth taking a second look at. the random stuff just might be worth recycling… creatively.

adventureclubviral’s assembly of art
20 random things –> bubble wrap-cushioned envelope on recycled collage paper finished with a trinket adorned ribbon

collage finished

theStephALA’s assembly of art
2o random things –> self standing collage, looking in, out and up

door challenges.

cellar door

written on a chalkboard in the movie donnie darko: “this famous linguist once said that of all the phrases in the english language, of all the endless combinations of words in all of history, that cellar door is the most beautiful.”

the challenge: what do you think?

Jim Morrison 1943 -1971

jim morrison from the doors: the band took it’s name from the doors of perception by aldous huxley, which itself was from a william blake quotation: “if the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, infinite.”

the challenge: turn up the volume on your favorite song by the doors. or read some jim morrison poetry…



door knocker labyrinth

the labyrinth door riddle: “there are two doors. you have to pick one door. one door leads to great happiness, the other leads to great suffering. but you don’t know which door is which. however, there are two people in the room. one of them always tells the truth, but one of them always lies. but, you don’t know which is which. you can only ask one question. what question should you ask in order to determine which door leads to great happiness? these two people can’t be moved. you must ask a question.”

the challenge: retell and rethink this classic riddle.

book club book + current events

eva lunamarch book club excerpt: they were, in fact, suspicious of the paper money that today was worth something and tomorrow might be withdrawn from circulation… printed paper that could vanish if you turned your back. they preferred coins, which at least weighed in the pocket, rang on the counter, and shone as real money should.

regarding current events: will we really get rid of the penny? it costs two and a half cents in raw materials to make a penny. based on average wages, it takes an american worker two seconds to earn a penny. but really, do you think we will get rid of the penny?

march book club excerpt: in many places people did not learn of the overthrow of the dictatorship, because, among other things, they had not known that the general was in power all those years. they lived on the periphery of current events. all ages of history co-exist in this immoderate geography. while in the capital entrepreneurs conduct business affairs by telephone with associates in other cities on the globe, there are regions in the Andes where standards of human behavior are those introduced five centuries earlier… and in some jungle villages men roam naked…like their ancestors in the stone age…

writing about current events: i bookmarked this page of eva luna and returned to it several times. the writing has a melody to me. only the great authors can write in melodies, especially in a work of fiction. although written about a time and place, decades ago, only the great authors can use the “timeless tense” as i like to think this excerpt was written in. she writes of events in the past, as current events in her fictional present and what is written is the truth of things- still relevant to (us) readers of the future.


eva luna by isabel allende was a masterpiece! it was the best book i have read in quite awhile. i recommend it to adventure seekers everywhere.

challenge: partner potential

Porch Swings-CC

two things at rest have enormous potential

two things together have abundant energy

adventureclubinteractive’s sentence exchange assignment is fundamentally about sharing work. taking one work (i.e. an adventureclubinteractive sentence) and merging it with another work (i.e. an adventure seekers photograph) to create a masterpiece that is more than a sum of its parts.

challenge: realize that your work, your project, your creation, your effort, your art – whatever it is – may stand alone as completely brilliant. at the very least it has potential. explore the potential of your work with a partner. find yourself a friend, face to face, that may or may not have their own work to share. discuss your creation(s). absorb and elicit feedback. embrace criticism. appreciate interpretation. perhaps your partner inspires improvement in your work. perhaps you feel inspired by your partners work. maybe this challenge seems simple but be mindful that the exchange of ideas has likely given way to deliciously unpredictable new ideas. enjoy the energy you have added to your work by simply converting its potential into the energy of exhibition. plan to meet again face to face and plan something specific to share next time. enjoy the accountability of having partner. realize that a masterpiece has potential but with an (albeit small) audience it gains recognition, momentum, energy and even more brilliance.