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of the adventureclubinteractive eight ideas – bullet proof coffee…

is not really bullet proof at all…


for sale…

positve energy for sale


For Sale.   (slightly used) Positive Energy Candle.  

The world can be a frightening and dangerous place, which is why I’ve decided to offer up for sale, this slightly used positive energy candle.  I cannot, in good conscience, keep this magical candle all to myself any longer.  Thank goodness I came to my senses before I used the whole thing.

This candle is one of only 108 that were cast during the last festival of Vaitha Vatur Truvah in an ancient temple in Verinag.  In preparation for the festival and the candle casting, the monks of the temple fast for 40 days and 40 nights and only drink water from pure silver chalices bathed in the moonlight.

The wax used in the forging of these sacred candles is no ordinary wax at all.  This is sacred beeswax from the Singing Bees of Luoyang.  Their buzzes buzz in harmony.  Their buzzes buzz with the vibration of the universe.  There have been many well documented cases of the Singing Bees of Luoyang and their terrifying judgements.  Those they deem worthy and pure of heart, the Singing Bees engulf and bless, leaving the recipients stronger, healthier and more spiritually attuned than before.  Those they deem unworthy and dangerous, they engulf and destroy with a thousand stings to the heart.

The creation of these candles is a spiritual and devotional practice.  The monks work in silence under the moonlight, melting the sacred wax in sterling silver pots heated by collected fragments of lightning from previous storms.  They add the finest herbs and oils of the region and infuse the mixture with their prayers.  When the candles have nearly solidified, the most senior monk comes forward and cries a single tear over each candle as an added blessing for the awakening of humanity.

Once completed, the candles journey out of the temple in the clutches of 54 golden eagles who are able to carry one candle in each claw.  The eagles bring the candles to the local village people to distribute after a three night celebration.

Needless to say, this is a powerful instrument of energetic cleansing and healing.  In my meager attempt to give back to humanity, I offer up for sale, the remains of this magical candle to you, dear reader of this advertisement, with the hope that you will use this candle for good and spread love, light and healing wherever you go.

black out poetry


according to deputies,
they discovered a container.
an unconscious business man reported
a dog.
remove him and cut the lock!

$6,000 discovered.
received and

$3,000 missing!

an older male wasn’t the caller.
a man went
a watch.


the rodeo will be the last.
an exciting lineup!
“Babe” will not be disappointed.

purchase online.




color collages

shades of glass
color collage assignment

shades of sea foam
color collage assignment

adventure noir- a fictional retelling of CASE I.D: suite+case7329

submission for the adventureclubinteractive adventure noir assignment. by- theStephALA

my day started off in the usual fashion.  alarm.  snooze.  alarm.  snooze.  after another 30 min i reluctantly rolled myself out of bed and went to grab a cup of coffee at the local diner a block away from my apartment.  bev greeted me at the door with a coffee, a scowl and a slice of crumb cake.

“i didn’t think you’d be back here after last night.  i was kind of hoping you’d never set foot in this joint again.”  she said through clenched teeth.

“yeah well, what can i tell you babe?”

“you just don’t know when to quit.”  she slammed the crumb cake down in front of me and nearly tipped my coffee cup in my lap.

“well, whatta ya got for me today bev?”  i asked through my bites.  she eyed me cautiously.  i knew she had something good but didn’t want to spill it too soon.  last night had been quite a night for us all and neither she nor i wanted to push our luck…

“remember mabel from two blocks down?”  bev asked.  i nodded.  “well, she’s taken to painting.  when she started it wasn’t very exciting, no one cared, i didn’t care, suddenly she is in high demand, literally high.  it’s fishy, it just doesn’t feel right….”

“what do you mean fishy?”  i asked, finishing my coffee with a large gulp.

“it just doesn’t feel right…”

“what do i owe ya?”

“you don’t know by now?”

i looked up at bev with a sly smile and headed out the door.

two blocks down from the restaurant i saw what she was talking about.

photo 1

this was definitely not the mabel i knew.  something was fishy all right.  why the get up?  why the pedestal?  what was she after?  i started sniffing around but almost instantly two guys were on my tail.

photo 3

they came out of nowhere and gained on me fast.  i walked faster, they walked faster.  i turned left, they turned left.  i stopped at a street stand and bought a taco, they stopped at a street stand and bought a taco.  i started to sweat and had a feeling that mabel was in serious danger.  these two “gentle”men behind me were not messing around.  i started running back to where mabel had been but instead of her outrageous art display i only found a string of bears.

photo 2

i lost my breath.  “what the hell have you bastards done with mabel?!”  i shouted to the two goons who had never left my tail.  i turned around to face them, fists clenched ready for a fight.  i thought i’d go after the short one first, but before i could lunge at him, the small goon frowned, stepped to the side and pointed directly under his feet.

photo 4

i understood.  i nodded.  so that was that.  i headed back to the diner for more crumb cake.


i am ashamed to admit how much i concern myself with my outward appearance, and more specifically what people think about it-about me.  judging by my usual daily attire someone might think that contrary is true, but it isn’t.  i welcomed this assignment as an excuse or perhaps a justification to wear what i truly desire to wear…this time armed with a “valid explanation” as opposed to “just because i feel like it.”

i learned some startling things!  the main point being that my choices are not actually that outrageous.  i wore some large earrings, big rings, a cowboy hat, various spirit hoods, a shorter skirt than normal… and instead of strange looks and judgement from strangers i was met with…compliments.  that’s right!  compliments.

i remember once, long ago when i was in high school, speaking with a good friend of mine and telling him that by the time i reached the age of 23 i would be able to wear large outrageous earrings.  back then i had one particular pair that remained hanging on the rack unworn because it wasn’t “right” or “appropriate” to wear them yet.  i longed to be 23 for this simple, silly, sentiment.  of course, once i reached the age of 23, fear and intimidation still got the better of me, and my outrageous and amazing earring collection continued to grow…but remained unworn.  i loved them but i felt silly.  someone might think my earrings were too fancy, too strange, too over the top…

fast forward.  what the *#&$@*@#$#&!*#$!& am i waiting for?  an invitation on a silver platter?  when i wore my “exceptionally large” seashell ring, my 8 year old piano student told me he “loved it” and that it was “beautiful.”  when i wore gigantic peacock feather earrings to another student’s lesson, she could barely focus on the piano she told me, because she just wanted to look at my earrings.  i didn’t feel like a fraud wearing my straw cowboy hat (i’m not really a cowboy…am i allowed to wear this hat?), no one said anything and that was fine with me.

a month or two ago i bought myself an extravagant gift.  a (faux obviously) leopard shawl.   i love it.  that is an understatement.  i LOVE it.  that’s a tiny bit better… i wear it around the house every day but i rarely ever would wear it in public…until this week that is…and i’m happy to say that when i finally did, people loved it!  strangers commented, “how cute!”  “where are you going all dressed up?  i hope to something fun!”  it made me feel great!

what prompts this desire to hide?  it’s really unnecessary…and now that fall approaches and the temperature is dropping, i will wear my leopard shawl every day because I LOVE IT and i’m going to keep telling myself that i really don’t care what you think until i finally make myself believe it.


in pursuit of the white rabbit

i took a few days to find my first sign, or it took a few days for my first sign to find me.  on thursday, i visited a cafe that i’m not able to frequent on a regular basis.  it was an unplanned visit, i happened to be driving by and took an unanticipated turn into the parking lot.  after ordering a red tea latte, i scanned the room for a table to sit and wait and found an empty table containing the following…lion sign 1

a sun and a lion.  when i saw the two objects i smiled.  this was clearly my sign!  literally my sign! leo the lion ruled by the sun.  here we are in august, my favorite month of the year, an important birthday quickly approaching and i stumble upon a sun and a lion.

lion sign 2

on saturday i had another lion encounter, two in fact.  the first lion was my treasure at the end of a retail hunt.  a lion bracelet!  there was only one like it that i could see and it was on a super clearance for $2!  if that isn’t a good sign then i don’t know what is!

lion sign 3

lion reinforcement continued moments after my bracelet find at a natural foods store.  at precisely 3:21 in the afternoon the song playing over the loud speaker:  “King and Lionheart” by Of Monsters and Men.

and finally today, written on the envelope of my birthday card:

lion sign 4

persistant sign:  lion.

conclusion: i’m interpreting these lions as signs for a wonderful birthday celebration and the realization of personal strength and courage!