adventure noir- CASE I.D: bridge+booze0001

submission for the adventureclubinteractive adventure noir assignment. by- Courtney2014-09-15 17.13.10fig. a

Investigating officer: Det. Courtney Noir
Incident No.: 05200-117-2015
Client: Sally Snatty
Case Description: Underage alcohol abuse at Bored Bridge

Case I.D.: booze+bridge0001
Date Filed: 10/30/2015

Investigated daily activity of subject (client’s daughter). Subject appeared regularly at Bored Bridge with unknown male. Subject and male consumed alcohol at Bored Bridge.
10/10/15: At 16:30 subject left from school with two males, approx. ages: 14-16 years old. They left campus, northward, on foot. At 17:00 they entered Jeremiah’s Junk Stop convenience store. Male #1 purchased 750 mL bottle of alcohol (type unknown). He appeared to have shown proper identification. Alcohol was concealed in brown bag. Outside Jeremiah’s, male #1 gave male #2 alcohol. Subject left on foot with male #2. Approx 17:15 subject and male #2 arrived at Bored Bridge (see fig. a.) Took turns passing the bottle and taking long drinks. Both seemed nervous, watchful. Subject waved goodbye to male #2 at 17:50. Male #2 appeared disappointed, with arms open, suggestive of an embrace. Subject left without physical contact with male #. Subject went straight home.
10/11/15: Subject left school with male #2 at 16:15. They crossed campus and walked south. Approx. 16:30 they stopped outside former Wonder factory (see fig. b. )They seemed to be waiting for someone. Both subject and male #2 appeared anxious, excited. At 17:00 male #1 arrived with bottle of alcohol. I was able to identify it as Hooch brand when subject removed bottle from bag to look at it. Subject and male #2 thanked male #1 and departed north. Approx. 17:30 they arrived at Bored Bridge. They remained at Bored Bridge, watched the sunset. Subject appeared red in the face, volume of her voice had increased. Male #2 continued to suggest physical contact. Male #2 became increasingly aggressive in attempts at a kiss. Subject refused but made playful, teasing gestures at male #2’s appoaches. At 19:45 the bottle was empty. Male #2 threw bottle over the bridge. At 20:00 male #2 pulled out a bottle of spray paint. Subject appeared hesitant but proceeded to spray paint on the surface of the bridge. I was able to photograph the sentence painted by subject after they left (see fig. c.) Subject left alone at 20:10 and went straight home.

2014-09-22 07.26.27fig. b

20140917_214045fig. c

10/12/15: Client terminated surveillance.

Dates of Investigation: 10/10/2015 – 10/16/2015
Date Filed: 10/30/2015

It is certain that the subject is consuming alcohol after school. The relationship between the subject and unknown male #2 cannot be confirmed as more than acquaintances. It is my opinion that male #2 would like to be more than friends with subject. Unknown male #1 has purchased alcohol for subject and male #2 repeatedly. He does not join them in drinking but it does seem that the three of them are mutual acquaintances.



submission for the adventureclubinteractive fashionssignment. by- Courtney

“Forseeing all kinds of adversities, she taught her to communicate in sign language, an indispensable strategy in forbidden love.” -Gabriel Garcia Marquez

fashionassignment shirt

2014-09-14 14.19.01

Fashion is sign language.
(I struggled to reach this conclusion.)

At first, this week, I tried too hard, striving for an adventure that was real deep, and was beginning to feel overwhelmed by all things fashion. Trying to be, wear, create, look, and appear in fashion– was supposed to lend me clues as to- what’s the meaning? what’s the essence? what’s the point of this? Right?
It started in the mornings in front of my closet thinking, I don’t have time for this. I don’t have time to sort through old clothes or makeup my face. I don’t even have time to part my hair on the other side! I’m running late…
By the end of the week, sorting through the photos I had taken of unadventurous appearances made in unexciting outfits, I was ready to confirm my fashionssignment attempt a failure. A flop, like the droopy wetsuit I wore this week at the beach for one of my infrequent attempts at surfing. My surfing attempts are always a lot of fun. I don’t hang ten, so to speak, but I’m starting to…hang. So- wait, I’m getting to something- because what comes first anyway? Wearing the wetsuit and going surfing or surfing and having to wear a wetsuit?
Another example, suggestive of an eventual overhaul of the whole staring at the closet in the morning with indecision and feeling that fashion makes for pressure to make a choice: the T-shirt I chose to wear on Tuesday (photographed above.) I chose to wear it because I rarely wear things with slogans, words or brand names branded. Plus, Stephanie gave it to me and we both agreed that we weren’t sure what it entirely meant. It wasn’t what I had in mind at the outset for the assignment, of being adventurously fashionable, so I felt half-hearted in my attempt that day. Now, interestingly, to me the T-shirt words slogan make a little bit of sense based on how I have come to twist the logic of this whole endeavor. I got a lot of compliments on it. I think they were compliments inspired by confusion, but that was satisfying because that’s how I first felt about it too. Somehow I projected a conversation here and there by what I was wearing. Somehow I was noticed for what I was wearing. Somehow that was more significant than wearing something for the noticing… See what I’m getting at?


Another item I considered a part of the fashionssignment experience is a string of mala beads that were a special gift to me. I wear them very often and hesitated about including them for the assignment. While not an outrageous, exotic or extremely trendy as a statement- the necklace is an important fashion for me because it’s personal, precious and actually functional. (Mala beads are used for meditation.)

2014-09-14 10.51.45Finally, I took a picture of a pair of shorts that I bought this week at the $2 thrill store. It’s a clothing store that- you guessed it- sells everything for $2. Lately I have had a hard time “dressing up” more which was what I imagined this assignment might encourage me to do a little more, but there really never seemed a good reason to do so. What does that mean anyway…what is a good reason to worry about what you’re wearing? Aside from required uniforms and dress codes, what compels us- as adults- what to wear where, and why we wear what?
I have a hard time with jean shorts because they’re getting shorter and I’m getting older. And they change but they’re always still just denim cut-offs… It troubles me that you buy them brand new but they’re worn out with holes and they’re still just as expensive!  And if- as I suspect we all tend to agree- fashion is a function of your age and is measurable by affordability as much as creativity- I wonder when I’ll just give up altogether, as I fear it will no longer be appropriate to wear what I wore when I was younger and I will no longer be able to justify buying the latest, that to me seems like the same old thing but a little less. I bought them for $2 because they fit and practicality wins again. Fashion must take a back seat to function. For thirty hours a week, I work with dark brown coffee and bright white bleach. For thirty hours a week, I prefer to wear the $2 version over the $200 version.

Fashion is a sign of the life that you live. When you have time to try and experiment with the clothes and accessories you own or seek to buy that’s great. When you do not take the time to make fashion a conscious choice, that’s fine. You still have it; your fashion never fades.
I believe that fashion is an expression of a style you already have. It’s a personal language. Words express thoughts from the inside out. Fashion expresses style from the inside out. I truly believe that style is as unique to an individual as their thoughts, beliefs and feelings.  I don’t believe you can judge someone based on their fashion. It’s like taking someone seriously more for their words than their actions. It’s an illusion.

Fashion is a lagging indicator of style. Fretting about being fashionable is a waste of time. Fulfillment is in doing what you need to do and getting it done, as well as doing what you want to do and enjoying it fully. Deciding what you need to wear for the occasion is an easy decision when the occasions are fulfilling. When I’m in wetsuit I speak the dialect of waves and sand, cocktails and sunsets. When I choose to the same piece of jewelry everyday it’s not for anyone else to get tired of looking at and seeing me in, it’s because I can look at it tirelessly and see myself in it. The cheap long jean shorts work so I’m not worried about ruining something worth ruining at work. And it translates to working with one less thing to worry about, so I work a little harder.


directions followed.


submission for the adventureclubinteractive follow the directions assignment by- Courtney

If I may… and I must… take a step back…
Stephanie and I are ALWAYS at our best and of our highest, and at our peak… when it comes to inspiration- in those special hours between one completed assignment and the next.

There are many weeks when that inspiration, of the current adventure assignment, seems to sustain itself or even increase. I’ll find myself increasingly excited day after day to carry on with the work of the week. On the other hand, inevitably, there are certain assignments that drop off from the radar of my undivided attention- sometimes they fall down a gentle downhill slope and sometimes, even as early as Tuesday, their luster, their sparkle, their once promising appeal to inspire me to embark on great adventures- is completely dulled. Vanished. Lost.

The follow the directions assignment inspired me at the outset. On the second day, I walked out a couple doors, turned in circles, took some deep breaths… looked up. I followed the directions and took uninspiring pictures. It was beginning to seem like one of those aforementioned assignments that would run out of steam. I was tempted to give up and look forward to next week. For whatever reason, I did not.

I continued to follow the directions out of just about every door, when I wasn’t completely in a hurry or too caught up to remember. The pictures became a bit more interesting. Forgettable maybe, but not complete trash.  But most interestingly, I became aware of my own unique ability- or culpability  rather- to follow directions.

2014-09-05 17.54.20

I found myself in more than a few alleys. Depending on how high I was directed to look, of course, I chose to look not very high. I began recognizing the little voice inside my head that rationalizes with itself (or with…myself) and it wasn’t going to get wrapped up in specifics. I didn’t want to take pictures of the sky over and over again. So, in the alley photographed above, I simply looked up, not much higher than my nose.

2014-09-05 18.29.47

I loved that following the directions lead me to look above a building I see almost every day…without ever having noticed the up above it. I thought it ironic to be directed towards a ladder aimed nowhere towards the sky.


And other ladders leading somewhere… So I realized that just because you follow directions, doesn’t mean the end point is obvious. Ladder after ladder… hmm… was I supposed to continue on up?  I struggled with whether or not that was part of the directions, whether I even cared if it was or wasn’t, and ultimately if this was some sort of meaningful adventure I was meant to have… Alas. I didn’t climb either ladder. But I still wonder.


Reflecting on this photograph, I realize (for the first time?) that the doors I walk out of in my daily life, are surrounded by incredible places, scenery, and diversity. I see this building almost every day but I never appreciated all the angles and curves, the symmetry of lights and windows and the tiers of rooftops. Did someone need to give me directions to get here, pause, and appreciate the mundane, the obvious, the overlooked? Do we all so often fail to see what’s to see unless we are specifically told to,”see it?” And when we look at something, do we always remember to “look up?”

copied photos

original photo by theStephALA for the sentence exchange assignment.
why did i LITERALLY copy this photo? stay tuned this week…

original photo by theStephALA submitted for the choices assignment.
of the original photo, i liked the woman, slightly hidden in the background, behind a very proud (boastful, almost) adventure seeker. my photo-copy mimics texture like the original but is sharper. the original photo has color and noise and my photo-copy is gray-scale. in my version, the boy is positioned more in the background, although no less the obvious subject, his posture isn’t exactly shy, but on the other hand it seems as though he’s hiding.

maybe in a square world.

original photo by theStephALA submitted for the may sentence exchange assignment.
i received inspiration dice for my birthday. i have long admired Stephanie’s interpretation of the “maybe in a square world” sentence. i couldn’t help but roll my own square set… and wonder…2014-08-10 20.51.46



at the end, a commencement.
commencement assignment-1

Commencement is a beginning and an end. The starting line found at the finish line. A completed circle within a cycle of more circles yet to meet their ends.
I always preferred the word graduation in light of the season. The time of year goes mostly unnoticed by me now, and is significant only because of it’s past- like an anniversary. Looking back on when I was celebrated, when I had graduated- from high school and college, in particular, it’s more a fond memory of accomplishment (graduation) rather than the fixed point of an endeavor (commencement).

Especially in high school, it was all about closing the chapter of something. Too young, too distracted, too caught up in parties or plans for the summer that followed- it’s hard to blame a graduate for not reading ahead the next chapter of the next book (there’s no extra credit for that.) Forgive the graduate (the darling of the present moment) for the season while it lasts but remind him or her that once it’s over (it might be a shock) there’s more to read.

Commencement is a blank page in a big book that will someday read of problems more unsolvable than the ones in a calculus textbook. Of characters far evolved beyond academic honors, achievements and the collective forecasts of their peers. The dude deemed “most likely to be successful” will succeed in being forgotten. A best friend known for her “best smile” will be replaced over and over again as relationships get replaced and as features fall, and wrinkle with age- page after crinkled page.




INspect-acles exam

wearing spectacles.

I figured that wearing glasses for the INspect-acles assignment would be interesting. Turns out that noticing what’s interesting is hard when, for most of the week, I found myself defensive, self-conscious, disillusioned by childhood expectations and mostly uncomfortable.

what do you inspect me to say?

Naturally, people that know me and are used to seeing me, were curious. I anticipated this. I was ready for the double-takes and the off-guarded regards for my new appearance. The most common comments:
Them: “I didn’t know you wore glasses!”
Me: “I just got them.” 
Them: “I’ve never seen you in glasses.”
Me: “I just started wearing them.”

These pre-planned responses were very effectual. Neither deceptive nor descriptive, these one-liners saved me a lot of time (and preserved a little mystery.) Too often, too much time is wasted in people elaborating on these pleasantries. It’s like talking about the weather for too long. Or when a compliment isn’t just received but carried away:
Person 1: “I like your glasses!”
Person 2: “Thanks! I just got them. I couldn’t decide between tortoise-shell or olive green so I got both! The lady at the store- you know that store on 8th street- she was really great and gave me a deal on both!”
Person 1: “Those ones look really great!”
Person 2: “Yeah, with this outfit I figured I could get away green. I even switched out my purse to match! Come to think of it, I got this purse at that store too! Hey I guess I did pretty well. I mean if they’re from the same store, they’re totally SUPPOSED to match…”

Those were the conversations that I didn’t want to have about my glasses and really- conversations I never want to have. (I liken myself more to Person 1- wearing a waning smile while plotting a quick getaway.) So I had strategized a defense. I put on my spectacles for the week and prepared to squash any attention paid to my new look, with short, ambiguous replies: ‘Yes’ and ‘thanks’, and ‘I just got them.’ What’s significant is how subtle this defense strategy was, even to me. Looking back, I realize it was as an unconscious decision based on a self-consciousness. We all do it all the time because pleasantries invariably turn into compliments into conversation… putting you on stage, in the spotlight and (more specifically) under the lens of attention. I sought to avoid the inspection of me in spectacles.

inspection and reflection of self:
Don’t get me wrong. It was intriguing to catch my own attention in the mirror throughout the week. Though I never got used to that stranger wearing glasses, staring back at me, she was OK. I inspected her looks with curiosity and acceptance.
I was very adamant about not spending any money on “fake” glasses. I considered old sunglasses and reading glasses. I removed their lenses and reconsidered all of them for the wearing. But they looked silly. How could I walk around in any of them for a week? I cared A LOT, I realize, that I would be spending an entire week, seen and considered behind frames, lenses or not. Although it would be temporary (and ultimately a choice) I couldn’t reason with myself to settle for silly. It took me two days, a little luck at the right accessory store, and four dollars to find a pair that (to put it one way) would match the purse.

So it’s a fashion. I mean, when I was younger (and I wasn’t alone) I wanted glasses. I yearned to pick out a color and a shape, a pair to identify with as a part of my own look. I paid attention to the symptoms of my spectacled peers and feigned the same. Prompted by ‘headaches’ and “I can’t read that, it’s too blurry,” my mom even took me to the eye doctor. Not fooled (apparently I am unable to fail an eye exam) my eyes having failed me, the doctor said they passed the test and  sent home to live the rest of my life with unassisted vision. I grew out of wanting to wear glasses. (Fashion is fickle.) As a teenager, glasses are for nerds. As an adult, optometry is expensive maintenance.

As for me, this week, in spectacles, I was mostly irritated. Annoyed by something atop my nose. Distracted by the frames in my peripheral vision for the entire week, I still wonder, when do you get used to that? Unaccustomed to wearing lenses indoors, I constantly ‘lost’ my glasses atop my head, treating them like sunglasses pushed out of the way when I came in from outside. I never realized that glass is a mess! It doesn’t stay clean ever, (who would have thought?)

in glasses

 other lenses:

Most unforeseen was the interest I somehow managed to arouse in others to also wear spectacles for the week for no obvious reason. Normally I share the details of my weekly adventures eagerly and encourage others to participate. As I mentioned before, this week was an exception to that. I explained very little to very few about my ‘new’ glasses. Whether or not that’s relative, I was still surprised by my 20/20-vision-friend Lindsey (photographed) who stuck out most of the week with me in spectacles for no good reason.