greetings adventure seekers!


us folks at adventureclubinterative feel like no  small pawns in the blogging world. in fact, July marks our 4th year of collaborative blogging.
that being said, we’re committed to continue providing fresh content and fresh adventures as the world (wide web) keeps turning. (we’re a little behind, but we didn’t get lost.)
like the rest of you, it’s safe to assume, we know what it’s like to be busy and not blogging. for our part, we’ve been busy…
in the spirit of adventure and in the endeavor to reach more users, and a wider audience, stephanie and courtney are hard at work on their individual sites. sites for which the continuity of adventure seeking is upheld and made possible by.

Check out Stephanie ‘s crusades. Truly, a bad ass artist.
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Check out Courtney ‘s examinations on all things wack and all things dope.
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