color collage assingment

rose color code

the assignment.
how many photographs can you capture each day based on the (daily) posted color schemes? how many new colors can you name, perhaps based on the subject / colors of your photography? what comes first- the rose or the color of a rose? which red is what red- wine or sangria? and ultimately, how do you wrap your mind around the fact that a color is actually what it is not? (think wavelengths and prisms… blue is reflected, only because all the other colors are absorbed… blue is what it is NOT…hmm…)
submit a collection of photographs inspired by the shade of the day -a different color scheme posted on our site daily for your inspiration. caption each picture with your own new, adventurous, color name. seek to contribute your work daily or as a collection (of collections) at the end of the assignment week. please submit your completed assignments by the end of the assignment week via email:



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