adventure noir- CASE I.D: bridge+booze0001

submission for the adventureclubinteractive adventure noir assignment. by- Courtney2014-09-15 17.13.10fig. a

Investigating officer: Det. Courtney Noir
Incident No.: 05200-117-2015
Client: Sally Snatty
Case Description: Underage alcohol abuse at Bored Bridge

Case I.D.: booze+bridge0001
Date Filed: 10/30/2015

Investigated daily activity of subject (client’s daughter). Subject appeared regularly at Bored Bridge with unknown male. Subject and male consumed alcohol at Bored Bridge.
10/10/15: At 16:30 subject left from school with two males, approx. ages: 14-16 years old. They left campus, northward, on foot. At 17:00 they entered Jeremiah’s Junk Stop convenience store. Male #1 purchased 750 mL bottle of alcohol (type unknown). He appeared to have shown proper identification. Alcohol was concealed in brown bag. Outside Jeremiah’s, male #1 gave male #2 alcohol. Subject left on foot with male #2. Approx 17:15 subject and male #2 arrived at Bored Bridge (see fig. a.) Took turns passing the bottle and taking long drinks. Both seemed nervous, watchful. Subject waved goodbye to male #2 at 17:50. Male #2 appeared disappointed, with arms open, suggestive of an embrace. Subject left without physical contact with male #. Subject went straight home.
10/11/15: Subject left school with male #2 at 16:15. They crossed campus and walked south. Approx. 16:30 they stopped outside former Wonder factory (see fig. b. )They seemed to be waiting for someone. Both subject and male #2 appeared anxious, excited. At 17:00 male #1 arrived with bottle of alcohol. I was able to identify it as Hooch brand when subject removed bottle from bag to look at it. Subject and male #2 thanked male #1 and departed north. Approx. 17:30 they arrived at Bored Bridge. They remained at Bored Bridge, watched the sunset. Subject appeared red in the face, volume of her voice had increased. Male #2 continued to suggest physical contact. Male #2 became increasingly aggressive in attempts at a kiss. Subject refused but made playful, teasing gestures at male #2’s appoaches. At 19:45 the bottle was empty. Male #2 threw bottle over the bridge. At 20:00 male #2 pulled out a bottle of spray paint. Subject appeared hesitant but proceeded to spray paint on the surface of the bridge. I was able to photograph the sentence painted by subject after they left (see fig. c.) Subject left alone at 20:10 and went straight home.

2014-09-22 07.26.27fig. b

20140917_214045fig. c

10/12/15: Client terminated surveillance.

Dates of Investigation: 10/10/2015 – 10/16/2015
Date Filed: 10/30/2015

It is certain that the subject is consuming alcohol after school. The relationship between the subject and unknown male #2 cannot be confirmed as more than acquaintances. It is my opinion that male #2 would like to be more than friends with subject. Unknown male #1 has purchased alcohol for subject and male #2 repeatedly. He does not join them in drinking but it does seem that the three of them are mutual acquaintances.


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