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alice and entourage

… fall foraging!

on fashion / in fashion…

it doesn’t have to be labor day not to wear white. it doesn’t have to be halloween to wear a pair of ears. trendy doesn’t always mean new. old doesn’t always mean funky. does funky mean vintage? can vintage be new? what is fashion except everything that describes fashion?
chic. sexy. stylish. cutting-edge. flattering. fitting. basic. timeless. stunning. polished. retro. seasonal. racy. glamorous. fresh. classic. fabulous. definitive. beautiful. hip. hot. feminine. stylish. masculine. dressy. casual. flashy. luxurious. rich. extreme. showy. muted. colorful. brand-name. handmade. one-of-a-kind. attractive. alluring. natural. comfortable. influential. simple.
and so on.

last week’s assignment was about following directions- walking out the door in a certain way. this week’s adventure is about creating your own directions. whether you’re aware of it, truly do or do not care for it- fashion is not such a frivolous thing, considering that everyday you choose it, you wear it… considering that you create yourself, make yourself- walk out the door in your own unique way.


everyday this week adorn yourself however fashionably (and ask yourself what that means…)
wear something (different every day) you own that has been left in the closet forgotten.
accessorize excessively, ridiculously, noticeably.
make-up a new make-up routine.
cut your hair, color your hair, paint your face.
bare more skin, bare your teeth. dare yourself, be brave.
do something, look something, try something, be something… adventurous.
(and ask yourself what is the difference between style and fashion…? )

seek to endure reactions and resist temptations to retreat to your typical look.
send adventureclubinteractive self-photography evidence of your fashionssignment experiences on a daily basis. (one submission that includes daily photographs will also be accepted.)  please include your thoughts in words with each photograph as documentation of your adventures in fashion.

please submit your fashionssignment photography via email:

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